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Moving on up, to WordPress

Well, after fighting all day to get back into the blog’s working system, I have decided to make the big switch. Lord knows what it will do to the layout, not to mention the content. I expect it will be a bear. We shall see.

The problem is that Yahoo, the host, and Movable Type, the blog software, parted ways earlier this month, which meant that Yahoo would no longer support MT. I ignored it, figuring I could go my merry way with MT. Then I axed TypePad as the comment vetter and, suddenly, I couldn’t get back into MT to work my magic. Come to find out that TP owns MT. Good grief, how did I miss that? TP said they couldn’t help. MT tried to pass the buck to Yahoo. I kept pressing MT. It took six hours but they finally found a solution. I’ll be making the switch as soon as I can. More on that when it’s ready to go down.

Google’s censors

The Seablogger says he feels dirty everytime he uses Google now. LGF notes the search giant’s latest political move, leaving up anti-Semitic videos on YouTube but taking down a reasoned anti-Jihadi speech by Robert Spencer at Dartmouth–who has a link to the video elsewhere, though I must say it’s of remarkably poor quality and so echoey it’s hard to understand his words. These kinds of games can kill a business, even one as big as Google–the fifth most valuable corporation in the U.S. with a market value of $217 billion. Me, I’m making it a point to use other search engines, such as Yahoo, Ask, and MSN.