Longhorns redux

The Horns are favored by a whopping amount over lowly Rice today at 5 p.m. at Reliant Stadium in Houston, despite the drubbing Ohio State gave Texas last Saturday. We’ll have a chance to see (ESPN2) the Tuscola Kid again, and maybe his backup, the (Jevan) "Snead in need." If he’s needed. Rice has beaten the Horns, but rarely, and not for a long time. I want the Horns to win decisively, but I hope Rice puts up a good fight.

Given that their offensive co-ordinator is none other than my old favorite Horns QB Major Applewhite, Rice certainly will try to fight. 

I’ll see if I can get my friend, Chuck Adams, a diehard Buckeyes fan in Jacksonville, Florida, to update us on their game. If Colt McCoy (the Tuscola Kid) keeps improving, and the Buckeyes do well, the Horns might just find themselves playing their nemesis again this season. 

UPDATE Cincinnatti put points up against the Buckeyes, to lose 37 to 7, and Rice finally found the end zone in the fourth quarter, but losing to the Horns 52 to 7 is hardly a good fight. 

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  1. It’s a good thing the Buckeyes didn’t play in the first half last week the way they did today. The scores were comparable, 14-7 at Austin and 13-7 in Columbus. But today, vs. Cincinnati, was anything but pretty, even after the intermission. Yes, the Buckeyes won 37-7…and dipped down as low as their fourth-string quarterback, who fumbled the first time he touched the ball. But the field was littered with penalty flags from start to finish. The referee must have enjoyed the TV time.
    The final score might impress some pollsters, but it certainly didn’t me…
    Chuck A.

  2. I only heard the Horns-Rice game via Craig Way on the Texas Longhorns Sports Network, since we don’t get ESPN2, but it sounded like the Horns finally got their offense together, and the defense, which got its own touchdown, stayed good. But whether the polls will be impressed with their drubbing of Rice is another matter. I suppose not. Worse, some of their future opponents, like Oklahoma and Nebraska lost today, devaluing them as well. So the season is off to a rocky start, thanks to the loss to Ohio State.