Moving on up, to WordPress

Well, after fighting all day to get back into the blog’s working system, I have decided to make the big switch. Lord knows what it will do to the layout, not to mention the content. I expect it will be a bear. We shall see.

The problem is that Yahoo, the host, and Movable Type, the blog software, parted ways earlier this month, which meant that Yahoo would no longer support MT. I ignored it, figuring I could go my merry way with MT. Then I axed TypePad as the comment vetter and, suddenly, I couldn’t get back into MT to work my magic. Come to find out that TP owns MT. Good grief, how did I miss that? TP said they couldn’t help. MT tried to pass the buck to Yahoo. I kept pressing MT. It took six hours but they finally found a solution. I’ll be making the switch as soon as I can. More on that when it’s ready to go down.

0 responses to “Moving on up, to WordPress

  1. I switched to WordPress in September ’08 after post-publishing times on MT grew from 20 seconds to 30 to 120 to 300. It was a pain importing 4000 entries, and the new layout didn’t look so much like the old one, but things run a tad more smoothly now, the occasional communication lapse between Web server and database notwithstanding.

  2. Thanks for the insight, CG. My transfer is in motion (being done by Scott Chaffin, a tech of some renown–see The Fat Guy–for a modest fee) and should be done by Sunday, or thereabouts. Lord knows what it will look like. My post-publishing times were becoming excessive with MT. Hope your new year is happy.