Texas suit against EPA

I’m glad Gov. Perry and AG Abbott are  suing to stop Obamalot’s EPA from damaging the Texas and U.S. economies in pursuit of resolving, at best, speculative man-made global warming. Hanging the suit on the credibility of EPA’s reliance on the IPCC report looks smart.

But it seems that whether the agency’s planned intervention survives will depend largely on a 2007 supreme court decision allowing it to claim carbon dioxide is a health-damaging pollutant. To reverse that would take another suit entirely, though it might be done on appeal if the Texas suit is turned back for that or some allied reason.

MORE:  Whatever the legacy media thinks about it, Texas has done everybody a favor in trying to stop the EPA’s runaway regulation train.

0 responses to “Texas suit against EPA

  1. Virginia’s fighting back too.

    That makes me happy.

  2. The Reason piece at the fourth link from the top suggests EPA is vulnerable for many reasons, among them its own unwillingness to follow its own regulations. Essentially, in my interpretation, that’s because trying to follow them to the letter would bring the agency to its knees. Heh. It’s worth the read.