The Californicators

They are a weird bunch, the California drones as VDH calls them. The ones who moved here back in the 90s to escape the hoards of Mexican illegals can be discerned by a proclivity to honk after the light changes when you don’t move ahead fast enough to suit them.

The stay-at-homes, VDH contends, apparently long ago dissociated their minds and attitudes from the sweat and effort that makes societies work. And, now, as their bloated fun-in-the-sun welfare state goes bankrupt, what else can their over-privileged children do but riot?

0 responses to “The Californicators

  1. “proclivity to honk after the light changes ”

    Don’t you have these relaxed gun carrying laws in Texas? One would think that this honking shouldn’t be a problem for a long time.

    Always loved Midwest for its drivers’ patience.