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Why We’re Getting So Many Californicators

“California is a de facto one-party state where no Republican, or even moderate Democrat, can win statewide office. Californians decided at some point that they wanted the worst business environment in the country, terrible public schools, massive waves of illegal immigrants, and job-crushing environmental regulations. And they have, accordingly, elected a one-party Government to deliver those things.”

And folks who don’t like it are leaving in droves. Many of them are coming here, another one-party state. Well, almost. The Democrats haven’t won a statewide Texas office in almost two decades.

Not that I mind. Not at all. Although I could do with fewer Californicators clogging our highways. I do appreciate the seller’s market they’ve helped make of Austin real estate, however.

Via Gay Patriot.

The Californicators

They are a weird bunch, the California drones as VDH calls them. The ones who moved here back in the 90s to escape the hoards of Mexican illegals can be discerned by a proclivity to honk after the light changes when you don’t move ahead fast enough to suit them.

The stay-at-homes, VDH contends, apparently long ago dissociated their minds and attitudes from the sweat and effort that makes societies work. And, now, as their bloated fun-in-the-sun welfare state goes bankrupt, what else can their over-privileged children do but riot?