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Obama discriminates against immigrants

Those 800,000 young illegal (primarily Mexican) immigrants Obozo recently gave amnesty can vote for him (that was the intent, after all) without a photo i.d., but they can’t be in the same room with him without one. Hypocrisy? Naw. Democrat politics.

What is the purpose of America?

Philadelphia, PA. blogger John Salmon, of Rene’s Apple, also known as “Father Brown At Leisure,” says the “purpose” of America is to uplift the world’s poor. Thus he’s all for as many poor Hispanics as want to swarm over our open Southern border as possible. Come one, come all, is John’s preference.

Because he sees it as our reason for existence to offer them citizenship and elevate their standard of living. And anyone who disagrees (that’s me), he says very explicitly, is a racist. John claims to be a conservative. I think he’s really a RINO. A big-government guy in conservative drag.

Me, I’m not sure what any country’s “purpose” is. What is the purpose of Germany? What of Italy, or Russia, or, shudder, Iran?

I thought our purpose, if you could call it that, was to be free. You know: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What do you think?

The bill that will not die

Amnesty for illegal immigrants, that’s what. How many times do you have to drive a stake through its heart? This time it’s the Dems pushing it. Mickey Kaus at Slate has more:

"My problems with the proposed law–which would in effect grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens under 30 who can claim they came into the country before they turned 16–are outlined here."

Via Instapundit