Filling the Horns’ stadium not so easy now

I hear people in town are trying to sell their season Longhorns tickets for tomorrow’s Baylor game so they don’t have to watch another slaughter of the home team, this time by the traditional “Doormat of the Big 12.”

Also that tickets are being offered free to faculty to try to fill the stadium since the students no longer are interested. I know for sure that Mr. B.’s Cub Scout pack, for the first time, is being offered tickets at just $25 each. I got the email.

Personally I’ve never seen the point of paying up to $100 for a seat at the Longhorns’ football stadium when I can get good play-by-play on KVET and see the players’ faces on television. But the place apparently has been sold out in recent years and, allegedly, was last Saturday as well.

I say allegedly because the daily’s sportswriters reported Sunday that the stadium seats were only about half-filled at game time and, after the stunning loss to three-touchdown underdog Iowa State are in danger of not being filled again this season. Me and Mr. B.? We will watch tomorrow’s unusual spectacle of Baylor beating Texas, but only on television.

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