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Rangers win one; Longhorns slip on doormat

Nice to see Colby Lewis hold the Giants to two runs while the Rangers got two homers, one of them for three runs and took Game No. 3 by 4-2. Now if they just don’t start Hunter tomorrow night. Cliff Lee would be much better.

Meanwhile, at roughly the same time, the Longhorns fell to Baylor in one of their usual (lately) clown shows of dropped or overthrown passes and spectacular fumbles. The Bears clearly outclassed ’em and deserved to shed their “Doormat of The Big 12” rep and win it. And they did, 30-22. Yay Bears!

Filling the Horns’ stadium not so easy now

I hear people in town are trying to sell their season Longhorns tickets for tomorrow’s Baylor game so they don’t have to watch another slaughter of the home team, this time by the traditional “Doormat of the Big 12.”

Also that tickets are being offered free to faculty to try to fill the stadium since the students no longer are interested. I know for sure that Mr. B.’s Cub Scout pack, for the first time, is being offered tickets at just $25 each. I got the email.

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Open season on Texas Longhorns

Today’s losing 28-21 game with Iowa State (Iowa State!) confirms what has seemed to be true since the UCLA debacle two losses ago: This is the year for your Big 12 football team to avenge themselves against those snooty Texas Longhorns.

Consider this: “Iowa State entered Austin with the worst offense and the worst defense in the Big 12. They hadn’t defeated a ranked opponent on the road in more than 20 years, they had allowed 120 points in blowouts over the last two weeks, and most importantly, they had never beat Texas.”

It’s not just Longhorns QB Garrett Gilbert, who is (for sure) bad enough, but the porous offensive line (hey, get a QB sack for free), the seldom-open receivers, and the now-and-then defense. Coach Mack Brown, who has brought us ten entertaining years of winning teams to adore, is having a terrible 2010. (Even his belly is slack and hanging over his belt.)

Your team might as well have a good year. Next week, it’s Baylor. The “Doormat of The Big 12” has a good chance to beat its old rival. Come prepared, you Bears!

UPDATE:  Even the daily’s usual homers/cheerleaders are really upset.

Okies vs Horns

At the half it’s Oklahoma 21 to 7. Hard to say what will happen. The Texas defense has had some good stops, but the Texas offense looks too ragged for optimism.

UPDATE:  With less than 2 minutes to play, it’s obvious the Horns will lose this one. Okies 28 to 20, so far.

You held your breath every time the Texas offense had the ball. Whenever they did something good, which wasn’t often, they either couldn’t capitalize on it or they drew penalties that called it back. This is the worst Texas football team in many years. If they don’t wind up with a losing season, it will be a miracle.

Nebraska will definitely get its revenge. Heck, Baylor probably has a shot, too.

MORE:  Alamo Bowl on line 1 for you, Mack. Assuming you’re bowl-eligible, by then, which is not to be comfortably assumed at this point.