More Texas drought ahead

Drought is normal in Texas, but this certainly is overdoing it. Especially with the fires—though it should be said they are more a matter of modern population density than anything else. Some people are comparing it all to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

More accurately, if less commonly known, it’s an analog of the terrible Texas drought of the 1950s—long before the greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change was a money-making gleam in Al Gore’s cynical eye. Which means it will continue for a while, at least through this winter.

0 responses to “More Texas drought ahead

  1. Well for everyone’s sake, I hope that at worst, the current drought will be like the one of the 1950s and not the beginning of another Dust Bowl like in the 1930s. According to today’s weather map, you are suppose to get some rain in Texas. Hope you do and good luck to all of you.

    • Not for solving the drought, no. We did get a 10-minute rain yesterday and are forecast to get more today through the end of the week. If the rain’s heavy, flooding would not be out of the question (the ground being so dry, most of the rain would run off) but we’ll have to wait and see.