Adios, Mack

It’s probably just as well that Longhorns football coach Mack Brown resigned. After watching last night’s 30-7 debacle in San Antonio, it’s pretty clear the exalted Coach February has lost a lot of his shine in the recruiting department.

Texas hasn’t had a dynamic quarterback since Colt McCoy and this year they barely had an offense. Their good defense held Oregon to one touchdown and three field goals. It was the offense’s game to lose, which they did, with two free touchdown-interceptions and a lot of dropped passes.

So, yes, I agree it’s time for a change. Four years of mediocre play is enough. Brown can only go so far on his “class act” reputation and we’ve reached the end. I just hope his replacement is a proven winner instead of merely a great-potential guy. And that he has an outstanding QB in his back pocket.

3 responses to “Adios, Mack

  1. Happy New Year Stanley!

  2. Well, we can hope it will be. Same to you, O Assyrian prince. And our best regards to Sargon II.

  3. I’ll relay that to the boys down at the ziggurat!