Burning windmills

We already knew they were uneconomic without government subsidies. Too much maintenance required, for one thing. Not enough electricity generated for another. Now we learn they are catching fire regularly. What a stupid technology.

Meanwhile the Euros are still waiting for their wind-powered cars.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

3 responses to “Burning windmills

  1. Wind-powered cars? Not a new idea, in SF it was broached a lot of time ago. Didn’t work even in SF, far as I remember.

  2. Can’t imagine how it would work anywhere, unless they mean putting a big fan on the back. Pretty stupid.

  3. sennacherib

    You have both missed the obvious. Each car in lieu of standard motor shall be equipped with a Democrat politician reading “talking points” through a suitable exhaust. Initial tests have indicated speeds of up to 55mph are possible. There are rumors that special Obama and Kerry models are being built for F1 use, though this is unconfirmed. If true they would be of course too dangerous for the average citizen to operate due to excessive “spin out” problems.