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Kissing up to Code Pink

Some of my former co-workers, now also retired, periodically wax nostalgic about the snooze biz. I’m not nostalgic about it in the least, and can get downright irritable when I remember how it turned into the Leftist suckup news media that is pounding Trump, just like it enabled the Bush 2 haters and spent so much ink and paper kissing up to the lunatics of Code Pink

Undeserved credibility back then went to CP every time they held a “protest.” Some hapless reporter (including myself more often than I like to remember) was dispatched to “cover” their nonsense and lies. And if you tried to write objectively or included too many quotes from their critics, you got beaten back. As one editor told me in excising same from one of mine: “This is THEIR story.”

A President Trump will bring them back to the streets, I’m sure, and back to the pages of the snoozepapers, which are now struggling to pay the light bill. But it will be worth it to see the CP apoplexy. I hope they yell their pink selves hoarse and turn red. They already are Reds, politically, of course.

Who were, as an OCS friend’s WW2 veteran father once said, “the same as Nazis but in crappier uniforms.”

Ami Yisrael Chai

There is no such thing as a PR war. Soldiers do not risk their lives for public relations, but for the security of their country and its people.

The more countries like Turkey and, soon, Ireland, try, in  conjunction with Jihadi terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, to “break” Israel’s self-defense blockade of Gaza—to prevent the importation of missiles  and concrete to build bunkers—the harder the IDF will fight.

As they should. I doubt these countries really want war with Israel, but if they keep this up, they will surely have it. Israel is not the play toy of the UN, the White House, the news media, or the “international community.” It is a sovereign nation and it will endure.

UPDATE:  Indeed, the Jihad’s useful Irish idiots were stopped and their ship taken to Ashdod for inspection of their goods. Hamas will probably reject their overland delivery, but Gaza already gets billions from the EU and UN and hardly needs aid. It’s just a game the anti-Zionists play and the gullible who are not actually Jihad supporters are taken in.

Code Pink in Honduras

Boy, the Lefties are just eating this up. They always wanted to hug Castro, Ortega and Chavez, and Barry is their new high facilitator. Whoop-de-doo. But Code Pink better watch out. Riot police down there will beat the pee out of protestors who don’t do as they are told. Ain’t no ACLU to come hold your hand or PC-enforcing media to badger the police chief for you down there.

Where’s Code Pink now?

Not marching in front of the Russian embassy, that’s for sure. Where’s International ANSWER? Not holding street-corner pressers. Whatever happened to "No Blood for Oil" and "Putin lied, Georgians died?" Anti-war.com, deep into its summer fundraising, is even questioning the reality of Georgian democracy. Oh, excuse me, I forgot. All these folks are not opposed to war. They’re just on the other side.