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Horns’ loss vs Tide’s win

Funny thing about that game. Just about everywhere, except maybe in Bama itself, it’s liable to become known as the game Texas lost because its QB was lost, rather than the game that Alabama won because it’s an SEC powerhouse or whatever.

Or, as the local sportswriters call it: The Game That Might Have Been. It’s not entirely true that Bama won primarily because Texas lost its All-American QB after five plays, but it sure looked that way and a lot of people, including a lot of neutral observers, sure are going to remember it that way.

Colt McCoy: injury prone

Colt’s injury last night, which probably cost Texas the BCS championship, was hardly the first time.

Not even the first time for the shoulder he said after the game had no feeling. He’d hurt it before, in 2006, followed a few weeks later by a severe pinched nerve in his neck. Then, in 2007, he suffered a mild concussion.

Says here he will now prepare for the NFL draft. He probably shouldn’t. Not only is he likely to sustain a greater injury in that more difficult arena, what team would want to invest millions in a fragile player of questionable health? He wouldn’t otherwise suffer. The Texas alumni association will see that he is gainfully, prosperously, employed for life.