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Bad 9/11 prediction

Instapundit, six years ago Tuesday:

"…the TV footage of jubilant Palestinians just proves what I’ve always suspected — they just don’t get it. They’ll learn. Oh, how they’ll learn…their jubilation will be long remembered. The American role as ‘mediator’ in the Middle East is over. Since — though they don’t realize it — that’s the only thing that has kept the Palestinians in the game since 1991, their future is likely to be grim, now."

Hasn’t turned out that way, after all, as the Gazan Entity’s rockets continue to rain down on Israel. 

The Looming Tower

The Big Wedding was Al-Q’s code name for what we now know as 9/11. It was so-called for the suiciders who would fly or ride the planes into the buildings like bridegrooms going to their martyred marriages in heaven with their waiting virgins. "The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda And The Road to 9/11," which recently won the Pulitzer Prize, delivers many such littleknown details, as well as a history of the men who created and still lead Al-Q. The O man, himself, is stranger than you may have known, certainly more so than I realized. A mass murderer who took an active part in the rearing and education of his more than twenty children from four wives. His pathology quickly becomes more disgusting than interesting, so the Arabic-speaking author Lawrence Wright weaves in the stories of the men and women of the FBI and CIA who tried to run him to ground. In the end, the tragedy of 9/11 was that so many parts of the government had sufficient detail of the coming attack to thwart it. But bureacratic jealousies, a few written and unwritten laws, and personality differences kept anyone from having the full picture. The CIA comes off looking the worst, as they knew two of the hijackers, both known members of Al Q, were in the country, but never told the FBI about it. A good read, hard to put down, told in narrative-style like a good novel, supported by hundreds of interviews and more.

Celebrating 9/11 (really)

You can imagine the grins, the glee and the laughter. No, you really can’t. You have to see (and read) the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9/11, the convoluted conspiracy theories, and the denial, as compiled in a new documentary and transcript by the translators at MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute. You have to see it to believe it.

Never forget

The recent discovery in New York City of human remains–some as large as arm or leg bones–found at the site of the 11 September attacks is a ghostly reminder of why we are where we are today, with a looming mid-term election which could change the course of the war begun on 12 September.

The Democrats are pummelling the Republicans for running political ads referring to the 5-year-old attacks, contending the R’s are sleazy to make political points off tragedy, but of course they would do it too, given the chance to govern again. How could any party in good conscience not mention the threat and seek to meet it? The human remains at ground zero remind us what’s important.

Never forget

Melissa Doi, 32, spent more than twenty minutes on the phone with a 911 operator from the 83rd floor of the south tower.

She told the dispatcher: "I’m going to die, aren’t I? Please God, it’s so hot, I’m burning up." 

UPDATE I didn’t participate in the blogosphere effort to profile the WTC dead. Google lead me to Melissa. But this mil blogger chose her as part of the program, and did a memorable job.

"She loved her mother so much that she bought a condo in the Bronx large enough for both of them to live in together. She and her mother were leaving for a trip to Italy on that Friday, the 14th…"

Crystal Morning

The best 9/11 remembrance video. Simply the day as it unfolded. No politics.

Via Instapundit 

Clinton unhinged

Slick Willie is demanding ABC either change the content or pull its upcoming 9/11 movie. Touchy.

"In a letter to ABC boss Bob Iger, Clinton refuted several of the miniseries’ assertions, including that he was too preoccupied with the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to care about Osama bin Laden."

Well, Monica certainly must have been distracting him from something.

BTW, I reserve the right to call Big Bill "Slick Willie" because I voted for him both times, and made excuses for Monica. Him getting caught out at the end selling pardons was the last straw for me.

UPDATE Could be Big Bill knew his men would roll over and play dead, if this report that ABC is editing per request is true.

Via Roger L. Simon 

And now the party has joined him. They really have no shame anymore.