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Islamist Head Start

“An Islamist insurgent-run radio station in Somalia says it is awarding guns, bombs and books to three children in a Quran recital contest.”

In 2009 the prizes were guns, mines and grenades.

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Obamalot won’t rest until al-Queda eliminated

So says vice-buffoon Joey Hairplugs. (Surely he doesn’t mean Michele would give up her expensive vacations.) As if killing off al-Queda would solve anything.

“The unfortunate fact is that, even if al-Qaeda were totally eradicated tomorrow, the terror threat to the West would hardly recede, since al-Qaeda has never been the source of the threat, but simply one of its manifestations.

“The AP report obliquely reflects this: ‘Senior al-Qaeda figures have been killed before, only to be replaced,’ even as the Obama administration is optimistic that ‘victory’ is at hand.”

About as meaningful as their assertion that their latest “stimulus” will solve the high unemployment they’ve ensured by making business uncertain about what they might do next.

Then, there’s the famous YouTube clip of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem holding a street celebration on the day of the downing of the Twin Towers.

See The Third Jihad for details on the rest of this cast of thousands that Biden, et al, never get around to mentioning: Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, etc.

The traitor(s) within

So the murderous major tried to contact Al Q, eh? It’s really not reassuring to think that our own military may be shot through with terrorist sympathizers like him, whose activities their commands and outside intelligence agencies know about, but for reasons of political correctness decline to deter. Now we know what the FBI’s standard "this is not terrorism" claim is really worth.

Airbus down, again

Is this just an unlucky break for the French aircraft manufacturer? Two ocean crashes in the same month. Is it the weather, again? Or is something else afoot?

Military lessons of Iraq

Why we couldn’t simply replicate the Afghanistan/Taliban approach in democratizing Iraq:

"It is not enough to persuade a Muslim population to reject al Qaeda’s ideology and practice. Someone must also be willing and able to protect that population against the terrorists they had been harboring, something that special forces and long-range missiles alone can’t do."

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Courting defeat

The Dems, it seems, truly want another Vietnam defeat in Iraq, now that they’ve attached departure dates to the refunding of the campaign. Presumably Bush will veto, and the Dems haven’t the votes to override. Some conservatives think this will energize the Republican base, but I wonder. The Dems could keep this up until the military runs out of money.

Pultizer prize winning author (and old neighbor in another part of town) Lawrence Wright ("The Looming Tower") says democratization of the Middle East may be our only hope to defeat al Q and its religious zealots and wannabees. But that it won’t be pretty, and that leaving Iraq too soon could convulse the region. But with House Speaker Pelosi skipping two meetings with the commanding general in Iraq, and Senate Majority Leader Reid saying the war is lost, it looks like the Dems either disagree or don’t care.

UPDATE  Crazy Politico points out that a veto isn’t all Bush can do. He can find other ways to pay for the war: "Bill Clinton couldn’t get the GOP controlled Congress to pass what he wanted for funding for Kosovo, so he signed executive orders halting certain defense contract work, and shifting the money to fund troops."

The Long War

As the Dems prepare to take over the Congress, there are reports that they (and a few Repubs as well) almost uniformly oppose sending more troops to Iraq. One could assume, given their "antiwar" base, that the Dems intend to retreat as soon as possible. Meanwhile the Long War continues, oblivious to their preoccupations…

"Iraq, which is often dissociated from the war, is a major theater for al-Qaeda, as both Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have stated in numerous communications. Afghanistan has seen its bloodiest year since the U.S. invasion in late 2001. The Taliban and al-Qaeda have fought the Pakistani government to a standstill and have taken over portions of the country. The countries of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Bangladesh simmer, and continue to serve as support bases for al-Qaeda’s activities."

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