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TCU runs over Utah, 55-28

I caught the first half of the Texas-Baylor game, until the Horns had forty points. Baylor has always been the doormat of the Big Twelve and this year, despite a promising young QB (until he was injured) was no exception. So I waited for and watched and enjoyed the Texas Christian and Utah game. Very evenly matched, though you wouldn’t know it from the final score. Unbeaten TCU was just sooo much better. Their new uniforms are cool, too. I hope they get a BCS bowl this year. They certainly deserve it.

Computer to Texas: Not impressed

The first Bowl Championship Series poll is out and Texas is almost out of the top ten, falling to 9th despite ranking 5th in the human polls. Texas fans are understandably irritated, especially since three other one-loss teams are ranked ahead of the Longhorns, but it’s early times with five games to go for the season–still plenty of time to rise, though one wonders if it would be high enough to make Texas a bowl defender of its own 2005 championship.

The Tuscola Kid is coming along nicely, just being ignored because of the chump nature of his recent opponents (with the exception of Oklahoma) but Texas is beginning a hard slog with Nebraska this weekend and winning out should raise its rankings significantly.