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Longhorns vs Huskers

Can’t help believing, going into this game, that it will be a Horns victory. Like to see Colt have some impressive plays to counter what Mark Ingram did against Florida. We shall see.

UPDATE: Mid-3rd quarter. I guess Colt can kiss the Heisman goodbye. He’s thrown two interceptions and been sacked a bunch of times. Still, at 10-6, Texas has a chance to win it. This is old-time, smashmouth football, a low-scoring, defensive struggle. So far, and looks to stay that way.

FINAL:  Husker fans will be upset, like their coaches were. Been a while since the Horns won a heartstopper like this one, 13-12. Champions find a way, they say. As for the Heisman, I hear they don’t give them to defensive tackles. But they should give one to Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh.

Tuscola Kid: Winningest College QB

Texas QB Colt McCoy, leading a 51-20 thumping of Kansas last night, became the winningest quarterback in college football history. The Horns will play Nebraska for the Big Twelve title. And, almost certainly, play the winner of the SEC title for the National Championship. Quite a night.

“Who stole my Snickers?”

That’s the Tuscola Kid’s first-huddle ice-breaker, according to the Austin American-Statesman’s Suzanne Halliburton. She uses it to illustrate how he’s become the Longhorns’ team leader despite being a redshirt freshman. He’ll need it to beat the Nebraska Bugeaters today. (Bugeaters was the Cornhuskers first team name, back in the 1800s.) Could be a close game, with the bookies spotting Texas just five points and at least one Austin pundit describing how they might become a two-loss team today. But they won’t. Hook Em!

UPDATE  Awfully tight game. Just 22 to 20. But we’ll take it. On to a more beatable Texas Tech.

Texas vs. Nebraska

Interesting tidbit from the Austin American-Statesman the other day about Saturday’s Texas vs. Nebraska game (ABC, 11 a.m. CDT). They are two of the only four college football programs with at least 800 wins. The other two are Michigan and Notre Dame.

Computer to Texas: Not impressed

The first Bowl Championship Series poll is out and Texas is almost out of the top ten, falling to 9th despite ranking 5th in the human polls. Texas fans are understandably irritated, especially since three other one-loss teams are ranked ahead of the Longhorns, but it’s early times with five games to go for the season–still plenty of time to rise, though one wonders if it would be high enough to make Texas a bowl defender of its own 2005 championship.

The Tuscola Kid is coming along nicely, just being ignored because of the chump nature of his recent opponents (with the exception of Oklahoma) but Texas is beginning a hard slog with Nebraska this weekend and winning out should raise its rankings significantly. 

Texas vs Baylor

Or, in other words, already looking ahead from today’s 6 p.m. tussle with the Bears in Austin to Nebraska. Horns Fan at Burnt Orange Nation says he will "enjoy watching us slam the Bears on the field." And to Missouri, which begins to look like the Longhorns opponent for the Big 12 title, if the Horns win out their season. Right now, even with close games with Nebraska and Oklahoma State, that looks likely from here.

UPDATE  Then the Ags beat Mizzou 25 to 19 and upset this analysis.