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Multiculturalism on trial?

Oh, no, we can’t have that. No problem. Barry stuck with the video and canceled the audio and it all went away. It’s not, after all, about resolving anything. The race game must not be challenged.

Crowley dignified, Gates still lying, Barry won’t apologize

This Breitbart video of Sergeant Crowley taking questions from the media is a close look at an interesting and intelligent man. Far from being a chump to lend credence to Barry, he obviously held his own. That thick Boston accent brings back memories. Not all pleasant. I lived there many years ago.

He and Professor Gates plan to meet again, place and topic unspecified. Something tells me Gates is going to be the taught and Crowley the teacher. Maybe next time Gates will be polite when the cops come to call. Meanwhile one of Crowley’s black police colleagues had a complaint of his own for Gates. The professor’s post-beer statement, on his Web newsletter, is a little pompous and still obfuscating, for the fellow who I think started the whole thing and still refuses to admit it.

Michael Barrone also gives the snob Gates a deserved, good skewering for picking on a "little" guy.

It still amazes me that Barry, whose "stupidly" remark on the case he admitted he knew nothing about has cost him dearly in the polls, still apparently refuses to say sorry. If either of the three clearly should, it’s him. Kiss that fifty percent approval goodbye, B. Hussein. You may never see it again.

UPDATE:  Crowley and Gates, at least, whatever the latter’s refusal to own up, seem to have hit it off rather well.

Beer bust?

I still have no reason to believe that Cambridge, MA PD Sgt. James Crowley will show up at this afternoon’s Obamalot- and media-driven "beer summit." Not a single Crowley quote has appeared in any of the multiple cutsie beer stories yet. Not even in the WSJ. What do you want to bet it’s a bust?

UPDATE:  Okay, I stand corrected. The sergeant showed up. No word on what was said. Maybe later. I don’t envy him having to listen to Biden’s fractured platitudes, however.