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Twelve Measly Trees

Cobb does a fine job summarizing a scientific scandal about, what else, human-induced global warming. Seems a goodly portion of the worldwide scare’s convincing data was cherry picked:

"Twelve trees whose growth rings were the basis of the conclusions that have shaken the world were selected by a dude named [Keith] Briffa and another dude named [Steve] McIntyre has called him on it. But it took years. Huh what? I mean to say quite plainly that the ‘overwhelming majority of scientists’ made their conclusion on the basis of a report whose original data was not made available for scientific review. The big bloody secret was that it was twelve measly trees."

It’s a complicated argument, in case you’re entering it late, but the Register and Bishop Hill also explain it well.

Via Cobb and Random Jottings.

MEANWHILE: Climate science heads are already being sought in the UK.

Anthony Watts posts Briffa’s defense, such as it is, and then pithily rejects it.

TREE COUNT: Rereading Bishop, I see there were twelve, ten or five trees depending on which year of research you choose to deplore. Twelve is the more generous. Still measly.

MORE from McIntyre’s co-researcher Ross McKitrick: "Whatever is going on here, it is not science." I wonder if it all began as Briffa’s attempt to save his job for some reason. You know, make a big discovery, prove his worth? And then Al Gore and his cronies took over. Pols are always looking for a big controversy to justify their existence. Stir in the Dictators Club’s IPCC, and the earth is doomed.


Carders is Cobb’s timely abbreviation for people who "play the race card." Sort of like Truthers and Birthers. I like it. So does VanderLeun at American Digest. About time these folks were equated with the nut fringe.

On the other hand, Cobb says the Carders are not really nuts, like the Truthers and, arguably, the Birthers. The Carders just need to be corrected to understand not that there is no racism but that "it is not their grandfather’s racism." Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Conner, for instance, has been in his grave since 1973.

I’m not so sure. There certainly is racism and some of it, as Cobb says, is criminal. And plenty more is deceitful. But I think some Carders really are nuts. Others, like Sharpton and Jackson, and Carter, do it to make money, by keeping themselves in the limelight. Correcting them would hardly be effective.

Abandoned Russian Nuclear Lighthouses

From the "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Department." A chain of nuclear lighthouses to guide ships through the dark polar night along the Soviet Empire’s northern coast. Wonder what is taking their place.

Via Cobb.

Kid stuff


For Cobb, this is the "greatest picture in the world." I wouldn’t go that far, but I see his point. Whatever you think of Mom and Dad, their daughters are innocent and it’s certainly refreshing to see a black face in the presidential limo that doesn’t belong to a servant.

Green paint

What with the presumed new, federal "green" push for this and that, Cobb foresees lots of need for such non-environmentally-friendly minerals as chromium, copper and arsenic. Heh.

Old school

Sometimes when you can’t do a piece exactly the way you want, giving up and just summarizing the main points is about all you need, as Cobb shows.

Jamiel’s Law

The killing of the Shaw boy–by all accounts a straight arrow with promise–by an illegal Mexican immigrant gangbanger just out of jail, is very sad. But, hey, L.A. is a "sanctuary city" with a Hispanic mayor and a liberal daily who both promote illegal immigration from Mexico. Undocumented workers, they want us to call them. When they work. Most of them do, here. Taking jobs whites don’t want, they like to say. Bull, I say. But the street beggers here are always black or white. Never Hispanic. Gangs? A few. Nothing like East L.A., of course, but where else is like East L.A.? Calcutta, maybe. But while Austin is not officially a sanctuary city for illegals, that is definitely the political preference. This stuff is getting way out of hand, and, like so many other American trends, the backlash seems to be getting strongest in California. Maybe Shaw’s death will do some good, so to speak. Bless his heart. Cobb, who prefers Mexican national to illegal immigrant (might as well be specific) has a lot more.

UPDATE:  Austin, indeed, is not a sanctuary city in the sense that police jurisdiction over them is limited, but is in the sense that no public services may be denied them based on their illegality.