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Abandoned Russian Nuclear Lighthouses

From the "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Department." A chain of nuclear lighthouses to guide ships through the dark polar night along the Soviet Empire’s northern coast. Wonder what is taking their place.

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When I saw this on Drudge, I thought, "Wow, even the Russkies think he’s a phony." Well, maybe. It could also be the famous Russkie racism. But, then, Medvedev probably just knows a gasbag when he hears one. The caption I voted for here was "This is going to be easier than I thought." And it would be, too, except by next week Barry probably won’t remember his name. And.


More St. Petersburg photos


Wings of Desire


Except this is not a scene from the 1987 Wim Wenders’ movie (an old favorite of mine), but angel statues overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg, Russia, in a collection of extraordinary photos of the city.

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Boycott Conoco (& Citgo, of course)

That would be the first step for gasoline and diesel consumers to take between now and November, when Russia plans to send warships to Venezuela for an offshore military exercise. It should be considered an act of war, but one with a simple solution. Next, as the Seablogger suggests, President Bush should start milking the strategic reserve, so we can cease buying oil from Hugo Chavez until early spring. That should be long enough to collapse the Venezuelan economy, bring Hugo down, and send an unmistakable  message to his successor. None of which would be necessary, of course, if we were sensibly drilling for oil to replace the purchases that keep dictators like Hugo in business.

Why Russia invaded Georgia

It’s not what you think, what you’ve read or heard thus far from the MSM. Independent journalist ace Michael Totten calls it the truth. As with most truths, it’s long and complicated, but it’s worth the read and consideration. Truth or not, the Russians don’t seem to like it one bit, because Michael’s site seems to be under cyber-attack. I’m categorizing this under The War, as I have all my posts about the Russian invasion of Georgia, because Russia supports the Syrians and Iranians, two countries who support the terrorists we are fighting.

MORE:  One Georgian woman’s tale, from BlackFive, which will update Michael’s link if it changes.

Georgia Still On My Mind

I spent much of the beach trip this week using a laptop to keep up with the Georgian situation, via the few new media reporters and many bloggers on or near the scene (most of their links available here at Black Five, scroll down), and came to a few unhappy conclusions. It seems obvious the Russians are there to stay. At the very least they will keep on burning, raping, killing and looting as it suits them and their mercenary pals. At the worst they may decide to used massed artillery/rockets to reduce Tbilisi to rubble.

Militarily, there is next to nothing we can do, unless we want to risk nuclear war. Bush’s and McCain’s continued demands for withdrawal only serve to make us look impotent. We really aren’t, not totally. But anything we do will be risky–including the dispatch of three U.S. Navy vessels with humanitarian aid, due to arrive next week. Signing up Poland for anti-missile interceptors (thankfully not to be installed for two more years, providing a breather there) seems to have gotten the Russians to consider arming Syria with more potent missiles against Israel, and may yet provoke them to openly aid Iran in its pursuit of nukes.

One good thing is that Russians really aren’t as powerful as they seem. Their arsenal is old, and poorly maintained, although they seem to have many more tactical nukes than we do, making conventional warfare with them even more risky. But theirs is no longer a command economy. It is a market one. If customers for the oil and gas on which their economy almost entirely depends, find new suppliers, they will be very weak, indeed. Yet, still, they will have those nukes.