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The Horns unsuck

A new Longhorns team showed up in Austin Saturday night and beat KState 31-21 for the first time in ten years. The suck Horns of the past two games were nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, QB David Ash seems to have another concussion.

Can’t imagine Ash’s parents (if not his coaches) would allow him to continue playing, as he would risk disability or even death. And if he doesn’t play again, the unsuck Horns could quickly be back to suck. He apparently is their only QB with an accurate long ball in him.

BYU 40, Texas 21

BYU was David Ash’s winning debut in 2011. This year the boys in Utah were his humiliation. His offense couldn’t protect him. When he dropped back to pass, there were three Brigham Young University defenders in his face. His defense looked comical with one missed tackle after another.

The secret “elevation masks” apparently didn’t make a difference. After sacking him repeatedly, BYU finally knocked Ash out of the game in the first half of the fourth quarter with a possible head injury.

Always hard to see the Longhorns lose, especially when an unranked team like BYU runs over them. Literally—with 550 rushing yards, the most by any opponent ever. In truth, though, it was predictable. The Horns were lackluster in the first half against cupcake New Mexico State last week.

Now Texas, which already was a miserable 15th in the AP ranking, could fall out of the Top 25 altogether. Just like last year. Once more dismantling the pre-season narrative of better, faster, tougher, etc. And, once more, reinstating calls to fire Coach Mack Brown and Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz. Might as well add Co-Offensive Coordinator Major Applewhite to the list, too.

The Horns might come back. Maybe. We’ll see if they can come back far enough to at least win another Alamo Bowl. They certainly won’t beat Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, and may well lose to West Virginia, TCU, etc. Sigh.

UPDATE:  As expected, Texas has fallen out of the AP Top 25, replaced in its No. 15 slot by Miami. That’s what happens when an unranked team whips your ass, like BYU did.

Ironically, USC, the team Texas beat for the national title back in ’05, has also fallen out, for only a 10-7 loss to Washington State. Something to worry about, maybe: Ole Miss, Texas’ next opponent, debuted this week at No. 25.

MORE:  Texas has fired Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz. Pity, I think, but somebody’s head had to roll. It was for sure it wouldn’t be Brown’s.

Oklahoma 63, Texas 21

Actually, but for two touchdowns in 4th quarter “garbage time” against OU’s backup defenders, the score would be 63-8, which is more indicative of the beat down Texas suffered early this afternoon.

Possibly the biggest tragedy of the game, however, was that QB David Ash seems to have broken his left wrist. That’s my supposition based on video of what looked like a near-compound fracture, though there was no blood but only serious darkened swelling almost the size of a goose egg. He doesn’t throw left but I can’t imagine the coaches would want him to play even with a hard cast on his wrist, especially considering how often his porous offensive line is letting him be sacked.

I still enjoy watching the games (even awful ones like this was) but I tend to forget to post about them because, here lately (with back-to-back losses against West Virginia and Oklahoma) the ‘Horns seem to have reverted to their pre-2005 national championship form, i.e. problematic at best. Will this be the year Coach Mack Brown finally is replaced? I doubt it, but wait and see.

UPDATE:  Sportswriter Mark Rosner reported late Sunday that initial X-rays of Ash’s wrist found no fractures and he has not been ruled out for Saturday’s game with Baylor. Rosner said the injury was due to Ash’s wrist colliding with a defender’s helmet, which presumably explains his goose-egg bruise.

Texas 37 Wyoming 17

The opening game of the season was expected to see a creampuff in Wyoming but they turned out to be better than anticipated. Nice to see the Texas offense working, thanks to the running backs, particularly Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron with more than 100 yards each.

But QB David Ash did okay (despite one fumble turnover), he threw 27 passes without an interception, which is an improvement for him. The Texas defense did give up a lot more than forecast, 17 points, so that wasn’t good. Next week sees another anticipated creampuff in New Mexico and then Ole Miss (which may not be easy at all) before league play begins.