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The Path to 9/11

This post is as star-crossed as the docudrama it’s about. Twice now, Movable Type has trashed it before I could get it on the site. Grrrr. Once more with feeling: I missed the 2006 ABC airing of this Disney film. I figured it was probably just more Hollyweird drek like Moore’s crockumentary on GWB.

Apparently not. This one dared to come down on the Clintons. Whoa. And they, who have famously always depended on Hollyweird for campaign cash, couldn’t keep it off the air. But they have succeeded in stopping its sale as a DVD, according to various sources including conservative talker John Ziegler. The trailer to his documentary Blocking The Path to 9/11 was compelling enough that I bought one.

Then I went to Amazon looking for a copy of the old series, just in case it was now available. Nope. But one of the reviewers there had an url to an import version. So I went there and got a copy. Amazing, you can buy the Disney production overseas or on the Web. You just can’t buy it in this country or on Amazon. Well, anything Slick Willie and Hilarity (She was under fire in Bosnia!) don’t want me to see is a tantalizing draw. More on all this when I’ve received and watched both productions.

Dumbo, R.I.P.

Disney’s incredibly inept coverup is finally, sadly, but voluminously (and, indeed, artfully) exposed.