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Smollett facing fed charges

Not for the racist hoax on the street but an earlier hoax with a racist letter. Postal inspectors were not amused.

Good reporting from CWBChicago. Proof, as Don Suber says, that journalism is not dead.

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UPDATE:  The serious blog American Thinker has picked it up: “If he was indeed responsible for the sending of a letter to the Fox Chicago studios where Empire is produced, he has triggered federal charges that carry hard time.”

MORE: ABC News has it now, citing two unnamed federal officials that it is “an investigation.” And Breitbart.

The emperor has no clothes

Not a big surprise, but still worth a read.

“The only president to ever need a teleprompter to handle a press conference — so his staff could feed him the answers…”

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Hey, Barry did compare himself to JFK–minus the military service, war-hero part, of course:

"The terrorists won’t bother us again
Because everyone on Earth is now our friend
Charisma he has lots
Specifics he has not
But happily we really don’t care here
In Obamalot."


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Adios Joe?

Unlike the ridiculous idea of Sarah’s self-destruction, Barry’s dumping of aging political plagiarist Joe Biden in favor of, say, Hillary Rodham, doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Some otherwise-sane people are betting on it. More likely, I think, is Barry finally accepting one of those town hall invitations that Mac has been extending since, oh, at least June–so I can retire the counter over there on the sidebar.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Here’s Spengler, in the Asia Times, predicting Barry surely will lose without HRC.

Hiding the pea

When a political party manufactures a phony scandal, like abhoring "political reasons" for the AG’s recent sacking of six political appointees, we should look for the vanishing pea under the moving cups. Don Suber says the pea is the anti-war movement’s sudden escalation to office takeovers of their Dem supporters. Quick, hide the pea!

Unflattering comparison

Don Suber, in his Charleston (WVA) Daily Mail column today, makes a good point: Bush is a poor wartime leader. Just about everyone who supports the Iraq campaign has compared the war on terror to World War II, but Bush apparently can’t see or feel the parallels. Elsewise he might have devoted his entire State of the Union speech to the campaigns, as FDR did to his war:

"President Roosevelt delivered a 4,588-word State of the Union on Jan. 7, 1943, that was on one topic alone: World War II. The war was that serious to FDR. He went through the battles. He went over the war production. He did not mention a single domestic program. He offered hope instead…In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Bush didn’t get around to the war until after 2,317 words in his 5,667-word speech. The people can hardly be expected to stay the course when the captain is not at the helm 24 hours a day."

Bush, whose approval rate average is hovering just two degrees above freezing, has kept most of the war’s details to himself, instead of sharing them with us, and we’re all paying the price for his shortsightedness.