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Bad lost, worse won

The novelty act was voted best of show. Good grief.

It will be fascinating to read of Rev. Wright leading future prayer breakfasts at the White House, while expounding on his theories of the differences between white and black brains. Not to mention Minister Farrakhan’s bow-tied Fruit of Islam on the rope line.

I suppose the F.O.I. will form the backbone of Barry’s proposed federal civilian militia. Something tells me they won’t be operating in Texas, not if they value their lives. I suppose we can look forward to unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers (the Obama family babysitter) receiving the Medal of Freedom for his bravery in cop-killing and Pentagon bombing so long ago. He has dedicated his new book to Sirhan Sirhan, RFK’s assassin, which should please his acolyte Barry enormously. What will Hugo Chavez and Mamoud the Mad get? Besides state dinners, rides in the presidential helicopter, and salutes from the (choke) U.S. Marines? 

This is going to be a strange and, potentially quite bitter, four years with the nation’s first radical president whose bizarre attitudes will come clear, as someone said, when the pixie dust wears off. Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, a notorious anti-Semite whose political machine taught Barry much of what he knows of politics, including how to get around the campaign contribution laws, is probably sitting up in his grave wondering whether to cheer or spit. His machine finally took the White House, but at what cost?

As the Seablogger says, I hope the Secret Service works overtime to protect Barry. The thought of a President Biden, who is not a radical but is a fully-fledged moron, is even more fearful.

Bobby Jindal is now the best Republican hope for 2012. In the new person-of-color-game we’ll trade ours for yours. At least ours has executive experience and loves his country. Sarah’s another good choice. Or both–if Bobby’ll take veep. 😉

The empty suit shrinks

"There’s more than a gap between the ‘audacity of hope’ and ‘lipstick on a pig.’ The mouth that spoke the first phrase should not be capable of the second."

But it was, wasn’t it?

Via Instapundit.

Adios Joe?

Unlike the ridiculous idea of Sarah’s self-destruction, Barry’s dumping of aging political plagiarist Joe Biden in favor of, say, Hillary Rodham, doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Some otherwise-sane people are betting on it. More likely, I think, is Barry finally accepting one of those town hall invitations that Mac has been extending since, oh, at least June–so I can retire the counter over there on the sidebar.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Here’s Spengler, in the Asia Times, predicting Barry surely will lose without HRC.

Battleshipping Barry

I passed the tee-vee room last night, on the way to get Mr. B. bathed, and saw "I still have the hat" Kerry speechifying, while Mom did her occupational duty (and her political preference) of watching the Dem dog-and-pony show. Fortunately, I had other fish to fry, so I didn’t have to raise my blood pressure the way Victor Davis Hanson apparently did. I did think to myself when I saw "Reporting for duty" Kerry that if he could be swiftboated in 2004, then, as some commenter on some blog I read put it, B. Hussein Obama, with significantly more controversial baggage, can be battleshipped. Oh, yeah.

UPDATE: This is truly an excellant beginning. McCain’s people are amazing at producing this sort of thing quickly. Hope they keep it up. Here’s another winner-in-the-making: It’s Barry’s terrorist buddy Bill Ayers’ anniversary.

Grandpa and the kid

I’m trying to recall the last presidential candidate who picked a vice president almost old enough to be his father, if not his grandfather. As Baby Barry has done with Joe Biden, who was in the Senate before BB was born. Mike Dukakis’s choice of Lloyd Bentsen, I think it was. At least in my lifetime. Although Bentsen was only about twelve years older than Dukakis, he looked older because his hair was white. Not a good omen for the Dems, of course, as Dukakis went down in flames–carrying only ten states and D.C.

A difference of fathers

The pre-campaign memoirs of B. Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain, like their presidential candidacies, couldn’t be more different, despite similiar titles: Obama’s Dreams from My Father and McCain’s Faith of My Fathers.

Mac’s book, published in 2000, is the spirited yet self-deprecating narrative of two fighting admirals, Mac’s father and grandfather, and his use of their examples about duty and honor to survive five years of torture and abuse as a prisoner of war with his self-respect intact. 

Obama’s tale, published three years earlier, is of his search for identity, and for the black father who abandoned him and then died in an accident. Barry had little faith or much of anything else to fall back on, except for the sacrifices of his mother’s white, working-class family. Yet race, rather than the example of the white grandmother who raised him, became his guiding conception. In the end, as Victor Davis Hanson puts it, I just couldn’t take his "idealization and myth-making about a polygamist, alcoholic and absentee Marxist father."

Not many people will bother to read both books, I’m sure, but if they do, they’ll have no trouble figuring out who’d make the best president of the United States.

VDH on Barry

With the mainstream media fully in the tank for Barry, Victor Davis Hanson is worth repeating in toto:

The Obama Cult

I would say that about 90% of my current mail concerns things I have written about Obama—50% of it readers furious that anyone would dare question their messiah. I can accept that he is charismatic, means well, and has led a largely exemplary life, but cannot tolerate the charge that questioning Obama’s honesty and judgment in the Wright and related matters is somehow “racist.”

Let us remember: we were once promised that two liberal Democratic candidates would run a clean campaign in which the racially transcendent Obama would not, well, inject race. Almost a year later here are the sad facts—and they have nothing to do with the ‘right wing freak show.’ Note well:

1. Blacks are now voting 90% along racial lines against a white liberal wife of our first “black” President.

2. The liberal African-American transcendent candidate attributed racist views to his own grandmother who, he said, is “a typical white person,” and on a morally equivalent plane with the racist Rev. Wright.

3. Obama has smeared the white working class as xenophobic and nativist, racist in their distrust of the ‘other’, and hopelessly clueless in their clinging to guns and religion.

4. Then there is Rev. Wright: praised in Obama’s memoirs and in set speeches, and by his donations and 20-year church attendance, the Right Rev. nevertheless is on record slandering America, Jews, Italians, whites, et al.

5. In response, Obama at first defends him (“not particularly controversial”) , then as more hatred comes out, suddenly desires to give a transcendent speech on race (odd timing) in which he contextualizes Wright’s racism, and suggests right-wingers are smearing him by replaying these “snippets.”

Then Wright himself corrects Obama in a press conference, by assuring the liberal DC press corps that his hatreds are not taken out of context, but reflective of his odious views (race determines brain chemistry, Farrakhan is an historic figure, our government is giving blacks AIDs, etc.)—completely undermining both Obama (now in Wright’s view a mere “politician”) and the scores of African-American intellectuals, ministers, and professors who on the air for two months excused Wright by defining down Martin Luther King, quoting black liberation theology, citing Wright’s great works, and suggesting we are racists to demand explanations.

Enough said. Ethics and integrity call for pointing all this out. The real amorality belongs to all those who excused the racialism, gushed over Obama ‘context’ speech, and simply accept that a President of the United States need not meet the same standard of racial tolerance that others must adhere to.

Try all of the above with McCain or Clinton and see how long they would last.

Not to mention a pre-nomination, "informal" contact with the terrorist group Hamas. Talk about chutzpa. Meanwhile, Barry’s flip-flops begin. I thought he’d at least wait until after the nomination.