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Hamas: Taking their children to work

Hamas shield.jpg

Not just one special day each year, but every day. You can’t fire a rocket at a daycare center without one.

Via Simply Jews.

The enemy within

With Barry’s apparent plan to withdraw from the war on terror and the foreign jihadis, domestic jihadis could become more of a problem:

"…multiculturalism, political correctness and the greed for votes, makes our own government turn a blind eye to the poison within our ranks. I’ve written and spoken about these phenomenon myriads of times to point out that the Wahhabi/Salafi ideology is built on hate and spews a nasty political message, blatantly ignoring the spiritual message of Islam."

A long, a good read, a FrontPage forum with five women, all to one degree or another terrorism experts.

UPDATE:  Need proof? How about this: Hamas burned an Israeli flag on the steps of the Minnesota state capitol on Jan. 5. What in the world are they doing in Minnesota?

The Hamas Inauguration

B. Hussein Obama’s choice of the leader of a group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to present a prayer at his inauguration is probably just diversity run amuck by our first Affirmative Action president. We can only hope that’s all it is, because among other things the lady has a history of trying to set Christians and Jews against each other. We’re certainly going to find out, we are.

It’s the religion, stupid!

As the IDF continues to push infantry into densely-populated Gaza City, where the brave leaders of the Hamas jihad are believed to be hiding in the basement of a hospital, Washington apparently is working on yet another doomed-to-fail ceasefire to keep the dictator’s club happy.

You’d think American politicians would be smart enough to have figured out what the secular liberal newsrooms of Big Media can’t: that Hamas is a religious movement intent on taking all of Israel back for the Muslims who once controlled it. That’s the reason for their rockets and why no ceasefire will work for long or do anything but allow them to resupply until they can start all over again.

UPDATE: It’s official. Happily, there are no immediate plans for the IDF to withdraw, however. Good thing, as Hamas followed the announcement by launching eight more missiles. And young IDF soldier Gilad Schalit is still their prisoner. Some Israelis feel betrayed by their own government.

Double-standard time

That’s what Meryl Yourish calls the double standard the world applies to Israel. Every other democratic country has the right to defend itself from attacks. Israel doesn’t. Indeed, the obvious instigator of the attacks becomes at worst a controversial player. Thus the daily’s report this morning on yesterday’s JCC rally, which Mr. B. and I found to be part information, part religious service, is shocking in its timidity: the fulltime religion reporter feels she has to attribute every sentence and make clear that the Jewish views are outliers. This is Hamas we’re talking about, people, a terrorist organization with a service club’s veneer. Where are your guts? Where is your humanity? Whose side are you on? Bleh.

MORE: Whatever, military strategist Edward Luttwak, himself something of an outlier, has a refreshing view: that the idea that Israel might as well quit Gaza because they can’t win is b.s. He says Israel essentially won the 2006 battle with Hezbollah and is winning this one with Hamas. Krauthammer agrees.



It’ll be interesting to see whether the new Obama administration continues Bush’s support for Israel’s campaign against Hamas after his inauguration in a couple of weeks. Optimists cite Barry’s previous remarks condemning the Hamas rockets, but he’s well known for turning on a dime.

Al Q is already blaming him for Gaza. Whether that matters to him remains to be seen.

I don’t get a lot of commenters, as you can tell. So I haven’t drawn the foul-mouthed anti-Semites that other pro-Israel blogs have. But I drew a stranger the other day with a relatively mild rebuke of US support for Israel. I thought about it, but I decided there’s plenty of places for that in Big Media and elsewhere on the Web. This is my private turf and I’m declaring it an Israel no-bashing zone. If you want your comment deleted and you banned permanently, like he was, just try me.

Meanwhile, there’s an Israel support rally at the JCC on Thursday. Mrs. Charm will be working, so I’m taking Mr. B. I got the above banner from their email announcing it. Should be interesting. The JCC is gated, with armed security guards who I’m sure are nervous despite Austin’s relative calm. This is, after all, prime time for jihadis and assorted scum who’ve been popping up around the country defacing synagogues and so forth.

But, for the first time in such a conflict, we have the alternative of Pajamas TV from Jerusalem.

The media war

Hamas knows it cannot beat the IDF militarily so it must try to do so in Big Media, particularly using gullible, if not converted, organizations with permanent, sycophantic staff in Gaza, such as BBC, Reuters and Al Jazeera to convey the Hamas propaganda.

It is chiefly photos of bleeding children and wailing women. Of course they are may be real and unfortunate. But the journos never seem to ask how they got that way. Hamas blames bloodthirsty Israelis. But Hamas, itself, created the situation by shooting thousands of rockets into Israeli cities and uses Palestinian children and women as shields, puppet tenants for their ammo dumps, to produce the needed pictures.

Too little of Big Media isn’t seems interested in the story about the rockets terrorizing Israeli children. The Israeli government builds shelters for them and doesn’t use them as shields. So no pictures of them bleeding, and no coverage, no interest from the coifed, empty-headed journos. It’s hard to believe that a war can be won this way. But it sure better change. If Israel can be destroyed like this, so can all of us.

UPDATE: When a fuzzy-minded liberal like Alan Colmes does get his "disproportionate response" ears pinned back by a warrior, it’s a treat to see.