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Don’t you wish you could be a Palestinian refugee too?

What a gig. You produce nothing. You get lots of sympathy and lots of cash from the Israel-haters of the world. Meanwhile, it’s off to the beach. Just try to watch out for your Hamas rulers, eh? They have no sense of humor.

The Gaza War

Hamas wanted it. Now they’ve got it. And, now, of course, they’re whining for a ceasefire, and their buddies in the European Union and the United Nations are condemning Israel for a “disproportionate response.” As if “you-kill-two-of-mine and I’ll-kill-two-of-yours” is the way real wars are fought.

Like Treppenwitz I find it increasingly hard to sympathize with the average Gaza Palestinian who allows Hamas to fire its mortars, rockets and, now, an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus without so much as a street protest. Have they learned nothing from the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria? Or are they just on Hamas’s side? Their willing partners in war crimes.

I am concerned for the young man with a critical head injury caused by the Hamas anti-tank missile, and the young conscript warriors of the IDF who must risk their lives fighting the barbaric arabs to defend Israelis. In the words of the song and the prayer: O Hashem, protect our men in arms. As they defend our land, shield them from harm. Hu yivarech et chayalei tzava hagana li Yisroel, Hu Yivarech.

Free Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit

Time for Obamalot to extract a real concession from Hamas before expecting Israel to do real business with the Palis. Like, at the least, letting the Red Cross visit the kidnapped soldier Gilad, the way it does duly-convicted and imprisoned Palestinian criminals.

Israel stands alone

As always. “Rage” screamed the daily’s lede headline this morning. Rage over the “raid.” Turned out to be a truncated NYTimes story. As always. In which the UN was treated like a reasonable, deliberative body instead of a gang of human rights-denying dictators in humanitarian drag. As always. And the armed terrorists on the Turkey-sponsored, blockade-challenging ship are called “peace activists.” As always.

And in my email a few hours later comes a “chin-up” letter from the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin reminding that “experience has shown us that whenever there is additional tension in the Middle East or military action involving Israel, we tend to see an increase in anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes, expressions and activity as well as an added risk to Jewish communal institutions.”

It was not always like that. Only lately. Now that we have a lefty president more interested in coddling Muslims than leading the free world. Who sends out his cuckolded secretary of state to, what else, condemn Israel. It is, however, a good reminder that this “rage” isn’t really about Israel. It’s about something much older, and, once more, the old clouds seem to be gathering for a new storm.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, one brave high school kid parades an Israeli flag through a chest-thumping Muslim mob. Could be this storm won’t end like the others.

UPDATE:  Spengler on the attack on Israel. The “attack”? Yes, the attack. And what are we doing? Joining the attackers: “For the first time in modern history the United States has cast its vote against Israel in the United Nations—in a resolution singling Israel out as the Middle East’s nuclear-arms miscreant and in a second resolution to condemn Israel over the Gaza flotilla charade.” G-d help Israel. G-d help us all.

Chomsky theology

Finally got a chance to read Rev. Sizer’s blog and be overwhelmed by his bleeding-heart for Hamas/Palestinian propaganda. Complete with color photos of their touching ceremonials. Though, oddly, without an AK or RPG in sight. Also the odd-snap of Israeli checkpoints (declared to be Apartheid), without a word of their necessity to prevent suicide bombers from blowing up Israeli cafes and buses.

I ran Ashkelon through his search engine and, what do you know, came up with zero hits for the Israeli town into which Gaza’s paramilitary loves to launch rockets.  Strange how the bleeding-heart ignores the other side. But, then, his is Chomsky theology, i.e. a heaping scoop of Leftist politics stirred into the G-d-talk.

His blog and his silly book (which claims American Christian support of Israel will lead to a modern Armageddon),  show why he would try to sic the police on a critic. The incredible thing is that he succeeded. It was obvious during the GWB years that the UK was going to the dogs. Their police willingness to stifle criticism of their pathetic state clergy, i.e. Anglicans like Sizer, shows the decline is continuing.

Unhappy Father’s Day for Noam Shalit

Three years after Hamas kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the terrorist group that former President Jimmy Carter recently asked be removed from the U.S. terrorist list, still has not provided his family any news of his health. Let alone agreed to release him or even allow him access to the International Red Cross.

Now the Jewish Community Association of Austin is joining in a JTA e-letter campaign to urge President Obama to not forget Gilad’s father, Noam, and his friends praying for Gilad’s safe return as former President Carter apparently has. Especially not on this Father’s Day.

Peace? With a people who celebrate mass murder?

The fraudulent "peace process" imposed on Israel with the Palestinian Arabs will no doubt continue under Obamalot. It was disgusting enough to watch Condi Rice play the discredited game. As always, it has zero chance of success. Simply because the Palestinians are not interested in much of anything but mass murder. The names may change, but the old game remains the same.

Via Treppenwitz.

MORE:  The Hamas TV bunny Assud calls on his child viewers to liberate Tel Aviv and Haifa "from the filth of the Zionists." It doesn’t get any clearer than that.