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Maybe Mahmoud ain’t so mad

Afterall, he’s getting away with murder in Iraq, and the Bush administration and Congress ain’t doing nothin’, while Barry talks about a sit-down to understand Mahmoud’s pain.

UPDATE: So, when Bush does the only thing he ever does about this matter, i.e. talk, he manages to enrage Barry, Hilarity, Nancy, etc. For why? Because they won’t do anything, either, and don’t like to be reminded. Such unanimity.


I cringe everytime I hear about another bunch of American soldiers or Marines getting wiped out by an IED exploding near their vehicle on patrol.

"Roadside bombs in Iraq now cause over 70 percent of the U.S. casualties. Moreover, most of the bomb casualties  now are combat troops…"

Why are they driving, I wonder? Have they forgotten how to walk?

Via Instapundit 

The death of friends

Teflon Don, a recently promoted specialist in Iraq, on the IED deaths of three of his platoon:

"Time is supposed to slow down when you’re in the moment, not when you’re hearing of it. The next four hours are glacial- slower and colder than I could have thought…the breeze twisting dogtags around a rifle like a devils windchime, and carrying once again the plaintive notes of the bagpipe playing Amazing Grace."

A good, although sad, read. Condolences, Don.

Dispatches from Walter Reed

J.R. Salzman, a different kind of active-duty milblogger, the kind who was wounded by an IED in Iraq:

"I’m here at Walter Reed and I’m doing OK. I have surgery pretty much every other day. They are trying to close up my amputated right arm/hand, and they are repairing the smashed knuckles on my left hand. I’m in a lot of pain and it is making it hard to sleep and do normal tasks. It’s going to take a long time to learn how to do everything over again."

His wife is doing the typing now, as he has just three fingers left. Going to be worth reading, so bookmark it.