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Shuck and Jive

So Huckleberry, the shuck, and Obama, the jive, win in Iowa. Does it matter? I doubt it. Huckleberry does not appeal to most Republicans and Obama, whose anti-war views will appeal to a majority of Democrats, and therefore could get him nominated, ain’t likely to get elected. My two cents, anyway.

UPDATE:  Cobb has a good analysis. He calls it his emotionalism, but it sounds logical to me. Except that he would not vote for Huckleberry if he was the nominee. I can’t believe he will be, but I could never vote Democrat as the party and its leaders are currently constituted. Important, also, to recall that Reagan lost Iowa in 1980, and Dukakis did in 1988. Didn’t stop either one from being nominated.

Happy Birthday Duke

It’s John Wayne’s 100th birthday! You can’t beat that. So hightail it to Winterset, Iowa. Where? Why, the town where Marion Robert Morrison (i.e. John Wayne) was born. Move along there, pilgrim.