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Sarah’s first endorsement

It’s not a Republican. She’s backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman for congress from New York. Rogue, indeed. But when the NY Republicans nominate a RINO liberal, and the national party poohbahs are studiously ignoring her and touting Romney, Huckabee and the other usual retreads, she had to do something stunning. Looks like a good start.

Via Instapundit.

The Texas primary

I’m not sure who will win the March 4 Texas primary, where early voting began today, and I can’t say I really care. I think either Democrat candidate is, as I have said before, imminently beatable–Hilarity because she has Bad Bill in tow, and Barry (the name Obama went by in high school) because he’s a pure lefty populist-socialist whose only compelling asset is his race. Half of it, anyhow. Some think Huckabee could beat McCain, but we’ll see. I don’t understand why so many Republicans are throwing in the towel against the Dems before the race even begins. Because our former governor, GW Bush, is so unpopular? Nonsense. You could be pardoned for believing that, given that the MSM harps on his negatives every day, but, hey, they have done that for eight years–including the day after he won re-election in 2004 by five million votes. As for Texas, the Democrat primary may get the lefty press ink but it’s just a sideshow. No way, their nominee will carry this state in November. Huckabee might do well in the primary, but I believe McCain will prevail, here on March 4, and here again on Nov. 4 and in the rest of the country.

UPDATE: I have been asked whether I, like this fellow, intend to vote in our open primary for one of the Dems, just to keep them unresolved until their convention. I thought about it. But I can’t do it.

Hero vs Hilarity

I like John McCain, who’s winning with 65 percent of the votes counted in today’s New Hampshire Repub primary. I just think he’s too liberal to get enough Repub and Indy votes to be elected president. Hilarity, who is edging out Obama, would be my choice for the Dems. She’d be a lot easier to beat than the demagogue from South Chicago. But, mainly, watching Iowa’s winners lose out this time (the Huckster is about 18 points behind Romney who is in second place), it looks like these races are far from decided, and that’s probably a good thing. Next up, South Carolina.

What we look for in a president

Here’s the Huckster on Jay Leno: "People are looking for a presidential candidate who reminds them more of the guy they work with rather than the guy that laid them off."

Cute, but no cigar. Rather, as Cobb puts it, when the world is going to hell, we look for someone with a good hand on the wheel of the whole American handbasket. And that’s not likely to be the guy we work with. 

Shuck and Jive

So Huckleberry, the shuck, and Obama, the jive, win in Iowa. Does it matter? I doubt it. Huckleberry does not appeal to most Republicans and Obama, whose anti-war views will appeal to a majority of Democrats, and therefore could get him nominated, ain’t likely to get elected. My two cents, anyway.

UPDATE:  Cobb has a good analysis. He calls it his emotionalism, but it sounds logical to me. Except that he would not vote for Huckleberry if he was the nominee. I can’t believe he will be, but I could never vote Democrat as the party and its leaders are currently constituted. Important, also, to recall that Reagan lost Iowa in 1980, and Dukakis did in 1988. Didn’t stop either one from being nominated.

Blimp boy

The news that offbeat Texas congressman Ron Paul has regularly hung out with the white supremacist American Renaissance and taken money from Neo-Nazis doesn’t surprise me. Cobb has a good analysis, comparing AR to black race hustlers like Al Sharpton:

"I’ve boxed several rounds with AmRen types and their basic beef is typical white resentment–but when the rubber meets the road, they are in many ways the mirror image of the worst aspects of Sharpton.com: media hustlers who wish to try the courts and government in the media sowing seeds of paranoia and distrust."

I like blimps, but Paul’s blimp is floating out on the fringe with Huckleberry as far as I can see. Indeed, even farther out. In any case, he’s just about as electable beyond his base: i.e., no chance whatsoever. Meanwhile, it’s 28 degrees inside Paul’s silly blimp, floating over wintry Baltimore.

UPDATE  This recitation of Paul’s bigotry doesn’t surprise me, though it seems unfair to rake anyone over things they said or wrote back in the day when black civil rights was a controversy and not a settled fact. The anti-Semitism, of course, is inexcusable, though not unheard of then or now.

Shuck vs Jive

It’s been suggested–by a commenter at Fresh Bilge–that the choice in ’08 may come down to Huckleberry or Obama. Unlikely, methinks, highly unlikely, but what a mind-twister that would be: Shuck vs. Jive.