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Fifty-eight million of us

That’s how many voted for the other guy. But, frankly, I wouldn’t be any more interested in watching John McCain’s inauguration than I am about B. Hussein Obama’s. Well, other than seeing Sarah, but veeps get short shrift in these basically meaningless whizbangs which play to the supporters of the party in power. And since the veep in question is Joey Hairplugs, well, thank goodness for small favors.

Declaration of Dependence

"Across the electric wires, the hum is ceaseless: Give it up, loser. Don’t go down with the ship when it’s swept away by the Obama tsunami. According to newspaper reports, polls show that most people believe newspaper reports claiming that most people believe polls showing that most people have read newspaper reports agreeing that polls show he’s going to win."

Mark Steyn, as always, is a hoot. But no funnier, in this instance, than the wide-eyed folks on the groaning Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Barney Frank-ACORN bandwagon eagerly awaiting their "spread-the-wealth" checks. Fifty-two percent of us, Gallup says, don’t trust Big Media. Yet, for some reason, these sheeple trust it when it says the Daley Machine’s landslide is near and y’all don’t wanna be swept off your feet. Yet some of us, still, join Mac in calmly foreseeing a long night on Nov. 4.

Mac fights back

Mac is fighting back against the NYT’s latest partisan "revelation" about him. No pol ever got hurt running against Big Media, whose polling is somewhere south of lawyers and Congress. And it works so much better with the Internet.

Mac’s decision proving decisive

It’s official, Barry-sized crowds are now greeting Mac and Sarah wherever they campaign. The establishment media’s reporting of it is snarky, as expected, asking if Mac will get angry because they’re coming to see Sarah instead of him. My guess is he would laugh at the suggestion. Afterall, she wouldn’t be there but for him.

Indeed, I keep remembering two lines from his convention speech, the speech that was supposed to be so forgettable. I don’t remember anything from hers, except her shining, cheerful face. Brent, a commenter at Althouse reminded me of them again today: 1) "…and they broke me…" the first admission of frailty that I ever heard an American politician make at a political convention. Very moving. And 2) "…and serve a cause greater than yourself…" an echo of JFK’s "Ask not…" line.

On second thought Brent reminds me that there is something that I recall from Sarah’s effort, a line she is now repeating on the stump: "There’s only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you."

Yep, a wily old sailor who knows when to give ’em a broadside and board ’em in the smoke.

Sarah drawing crowds

It’s not a surprise, but it’s nice to see confirmed what Sarah’s common touch means: that many women see themselves in her and want her in the White House. This piece sums it up very well, despite the reporter’s inevitable digs at Mac, the man who made it possible by choosing her.

Dems come unglued

They’re desperate, I tell you. Absolutely desperate over Baby Barry and Old Joe having to face the combination of Mac and Sarah. Faux filmmaker and famous fatso Michael Moore is even celebrating Gustav. He doesn’t care how many the storm kills so long as it disrupts the Repub convention. Old news actually, considering all the lies he’s told in his "documentaries."

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  A quick lesson in how an anti-Palin site was set up by one of Baby Barry’s supporters. And, inevitably, she’s being dissed for being a smalltown beauty queen. But by another woman?

MORE: MSM: Mac, "the underdog," is taking a big risk with Sarah. Yeah, $7 million worth in 24 hours!

She’s got his six


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, that is. The additional antidote to Barry-Biden.