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Moral equivalence at the New York Times

Although, when you think about it, where else could you find a more insane example of trying to balance the aims of the terrorists and their victims:

“Are both sides really teaching to hate? No, not at all. In this article, at least they are treated as being equal. In much of the media, especially outside the United States, Israel is being treated as the party responsible for all these problems. The truth, of course, is the exact opposite. When will the Western media have the courage and honesty to write that truth?”

When real courage and honesty are rewarded over political correctness.

Via Simply Jews.

The genius of the New York Times


Reading of (not actually reading, I have better things to do) the NYTimes’ latest sneer at Sarah Palin reminded me of the above bit of their journalistic genius. What prognosticators they were and are! They condemn her lack of experience while they puffed Barry, the candidate with even less experience, and she was only running for vice president. Ah, but, you see, he was in the right party and he went to the right school.

The gang-on continues, with AP devoting eleven reporters to what Sarah said in her new book (which I ordered and expect to have this week). As she notes, eleven reporters could do a lot of important work, but… Naw, too hard.

Via Snoop at Simply Jews, who knows a crystal ball when he sees one. Heh.

Mac fights back

Mac is fighting back against the NYT’s latest partisan "revelation" about him. No pol ever got hurt running against Big Media, whose polling is somewhere south of lawyers and Congress. And it works so much better with the Internet.

Saddam’s man at the Times

Mercy. And I thought the NYTimes was merely opposed to the Iraq campaign out of a dislike for President Bush. Now I learn, thanks to Pajamas Media, that they were on the other side all along. Pathetic.

Hate disguised as public service

I confess I didn’t pay much attention to the NYTimes’ latest smear on combat veterans–implying without context (statistical or otherwise) that the sometimes dubious violent crimes of 121 returned Afghanistan and Iraq veterans are connected to their combat experiences. The Democrat house organ helped invent the slur on Vietnam combat veterans as "ticking time bombs," making us the forerunners of the actual Muslim suicide bomber. But Ralph Peters doesn’t overlook such things, even if they aren’t news. In "The New Lepers," he describes the latest smear as "an artful example of hate-speech disguised as a public service."

Via Instapundit 

MORE: Beware the brutal veteran journalist, with actual incidents. Humor from Iowahawk. You might need to worry, because a lot of them are going to be laid off in the near future.

Wonderful headline

This headline in the New York Sun pretty much says it all, but if you need the article, it’s here:

New York Times Admonishes Reporter For Hoping America Wins in Iraq

UPDATE  Slate’s Mickey Kaus goes over it

Which to believe?

One or the other? Or neither? ABC News finds cheering troops for a visiting President Bush, post-surge speech, at my old alma mater Fort Benning. While the NYTimes finds "a restrained response" at the same occasion. Only ABC is playing against type, which might be a clue. Or not. Read what you like, but be careful what you believe. Things are never what they seem.

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