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The Taliban uses Twitter

Heh. Well, it is a social medium, is it not? Or, in this case, an anti-social one.

And—as is happening a lot these days—three of their Florida fans are now in the clink.

Support for milblogs

President Bush addressed the Milblog Conference, here, but Badger 6 notes the new regulation suggesting frontline Army blogging may be imperiled, still stands.

Army weak

"The U.S. Army has ordered soldiers to stop posting to blogs or sending personal e-mail messages, without first clearing the content with a superior officer." –Wired News

A few of the active-duty Iraq and Afghanistan milblogs in my blogroll have not stopped, but their stopping could be just around the corner. In the meantime, find them and go visit while you still can. Instapundit and Blackfive have commented on how politically and militarily stupid this is. Since the MSM rarely covers anything but American deaths, the milblogs are the only way for most civilians to know what’s going on. Were.

Wired News records this comment from a major explaining the new reg, which sounds like it may not stop all active duty milblogs:

"Some units may require that Soldiers register their blog with the unit for identification purposes with occasional spot checks after an initial review.  Other units may require a review before every posting.  A private e-mail message to Family Members is not considered posting information in a public forum, but U.S. Army personnel are informed that unclassified e-mails can be intercepted and that they shouldn’t write anything that they wouldn’t say on an unsecure phone."

But Badger 6, for one, thinks it may be the end, anyway: "Now the way I read that I should be able to continue blogging under our current unit policy. But in truth his explanation goes far afield of what the policy actually reads. I am very concerned that Army milblogs may not be long for this internet."

Progress in Ramadi

From Multi-National Force-Iraq.

"Once the area of operations is officially transferred to 2-1-7 IA, they will be the third and final battalion in the 1st Brigade, 7th IA to own an area of operation in Ramadi."

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