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Burning Korans

I couldn’t care less how many Korans that nitwit pastor in Florida burns. The question I want answered is why have the media and the politicians turned the guy into a celebrity? Are they all in the employ of the oil ticks?

Or, as Thomas Sowell says, has moral preening become their way of life? As he points out you really have to be a modern intellectual to miss the obvious in the proposed mosque at Ground Zero: It is a 15-story middle finger to the country.




Joke of the day

The mosque (also called a family center rather than a worship place, though might include a chapel) at ground zero has always seemed inappropriate (at best) to me. So the news that some of its antagonists are proposin g to put a gay bar next door is a hoot. The wellknown lack of tolerance of the Religion of Peace is likely to choke on that one.

UPDATE:  Leave it to Obamalot to step in  it. Right on cue. Barry’s backing the family center/chapel/mosque/whatever it is. Of course he’s splitting hairs between the “right” and the “wisdom.” Well, that’s no surprise.