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Screw you, We’re from Texas

Always did like Ray Wylie Hubbard, even if his unwashed, scraggly appearance takes a bit of getting used to. As for the post title number here don’t let him fool you.

Irony hell, Ray. And notice how close he clips his mustache, belying the unshaven look. More to this character than meets the eye and ear, obviously.

Via MyOldRV.

Shucking the blog

Andy of MyOldRV, post-gate guarding in the shut-down Eagle Ford fracking field and wandering ever since has considered stopping blogging.

“I have heard from lots of y’all these last few weeks mostly inquiring if all was well. It is, make no mistake. It is VERY well!  I am just running way down below that invasive and offensive radar as I possibly can.  Sometimes, late in the still evening when Little Blue is shut down for the day and the Jim Beam is out on the counter and Tuco the Dog is laying at my feet,  I toy with the idea of shucking it all.  No blog,  no continuing sharing that began six years ago with that first blog entry.  I think about it ever more often but it is not time.”

Naw. Never would be too soon. Happy Trails!

Enjoy the hills, Andy

Andy, of MyOldRV, is finally out of the gate-guard business down near Cotulla. His frackin’ gig of two years and seven months has succumbed to low oil and gas prices. Good for us drivers but not for oil companies and such.

Andy smartly took off for the western Hill Country, for a little vacating. He’s pointedly not saying exactly where. It’s pretty out there, and will be more so once the bluebonnets start unfolding. When this damn cold weather loosens its grip.

Rule 5: Cheesecake


Kind of thing I’d see in my grandfather’s petroleum engineering office back in 1954 when I was ten and only vaguely aware that it was naughty. But fun to look at anyhow.

Via Andy at MyOldRV.

Shoppin’ used clothes

Goodwill recently opened a boutique (true story) in a strip shopping center not far from the rancho and I have been encouraged to look through the racks of used but still good condition clothing. I have passed on the shoes and boots.

Andy at MyOldRV does me one better, buying his clothes off eBay. I knew he was buying old wide-brimmed straws there but not his shirts. Of course his shirts are the pricey specialty kind, made in West Point, Mis’sippi. Where slo-drawling Wynell answers the phone. When eBay hasn’t got enough used to satisfy him.

Via MyOldRV

The times of Tittlemouse

Story-telling at MyOldRV whose author Andy is also working on his HAM radio license:

I did ask him if the truck was ‘hot’, had he run over a bunch of school chil’ren’s on the sidewalk in it?  Robbed a 7-11?  Any such thing as that?  He mumbled something about a problem with the registration and inspection and said that was about the size of it. Tittlemouse is a lot of things but a liar isn’t one of them.”

Worth a read, pard.

Via MyOldRV.

Eat Mor Chikin

One reason your beef and pork prices are going up at the grocery is because Obozo and his green cronies are conspiring to raise electricity bills to fight non-existent climate change. The grocery is passing the higher cost on.

But Andy at MyOldRV, whose wholesaler recently alerted him to rising beef and pork prices even without the grocery middleman, has discovered another problem that’s apparently going under-reported.

“Cattle herds were depleted over the last two years as ranchers were forced to sell due to the drought. There was some sort of virus introduced into the pigs starting in North Carolina that they think came from China. It has since spread across the country and killed millions of piglets. I never saw it reported on the news.”

So, like the billboards say, “Eat Mor Chickin.” It’s likely to be the cheapest.

Via MyOldRV.