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A new kind of Nigerian scam

Wonder why the, ahem, security bureaucracy failed to stop the PantyBomber from boarding the jet? Despite his own father’s advance warning?

Other than for the usual reasons of its own ineptitude. Well, No Good Boyo has the explanation. Imagine you are an FBI agent on the receiving end of this: "Hello, I am a senior Nigerian banker. I have important information for you…"

Socialist Gigolo

After nine months of Barry’s tentatively faux version, a humorous taste of real Socialism, Welsh-style:

 "’Take me into public ownership!’ she yelped, with a detonation of décolletage."

Via Simply Jews.                                                              

Yank bashers

Among them, ah, yes, the famous ungrateful English. But these ones do have an excuse:

"Like many other Germanic and Scandanavian tribes, the English have been cowed by self-doubt in recent decades, and have turned from be[r]serking empire-hurlers into a nation of social workers, drones and emigrants." 

Actually, they have many more than just one excuse. Quite a lot, really.

Via Simply Jews