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“…observed features of the [Martian] Melas Chasma look remarkably like Blaenau-Ffycin-Ffestiniog when viewed from the heavens.”

But it’s too late, Mrs. Charm’s beloved Wales and its ridiculous spelling have lost out in the Mars-comparison sweepstakes.

Still, there’s always Qwghlm. Minus the reefs, of course

Socialist Gigolo

After nine months of Barry’s tentatively faux version, a humorous taste of real Socialism, Welsh-style:

 "’Take me into public ownership!’ she yelped, with a detonation of décolletage."

Via Simply Jews.                                                              

Still more rain

All that flooding in England and Wales sounds familiar. If we get much more rain, we’re going to have our own flooding problems here shortly. Another 80 percent chance today and another flash flood watch. I suppose we shall all grow flippers and webs between our toes soon enough. Feast or famine.

UPDATE  The Mad Housewife is happy with all the rain. That’s good, because Bob Rose says there’s lots more to come.