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Government medicine, or government bread

Amazes me how the legacy media can get away with, repeatedly, calling Obamacare “health care reform,” or “health care overhaul,” when it is really about a government takeover. Not as pleasant sounding, I suppose. Like “free” bread:

“If you relied upon the government for your bread, you would accept what you were given, and you would be given what politicians think you were willing to accept. They would conceal the massive cost of its inefficient production by telling you it was free. Because this is a lie, you would soon find yourself staring at an empty shelf, remembering the days when you could choose between six different brands of honey wheat bread, while politicians explained why your nostalgia reflects a greedy and selfish desire to return to an impossible age.”

Via Doctor Zero.

Socialist Gigolo

After nine months of Barry’s tentatively faux version, a humorous taste of real Socialism, Welsh-style:

 "’Take me into public ownership!’ she yelped, with a detonation of décolletage."

Via Simply Jews.                                                              


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