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Here’s a thought

“In Victorian America, death was discussed open and honestly, but the topic of sex was considered taboo.  In the United States today, it is just the opposite.” –from Widow’s Weeds and Weeping Veils.


Miss Universe

I notice that even Instapundit, venerable libertarian blogger extraordinaire, has recently added a little sex to his aggregated links from time to time. Power Line has been doing it forever with their Miss Universe nods, complete with biggerizable thumbnails. I won’t go that far on this family blog. But I will link to them. A little spice is nice.

Dildos are a Girl’s Best Friend?

I know, I know. This is a family blog. More or less. But I couldn’t resist a post on the article by that title to be found on the Houston Chronicle’s new Web site. It’s supposedly a puffer for a Montrose boutique. What it really is (in addition to a first for Texas daily newspaper journalism) is a bid to make some money by pandering to the Web’s porn audience. Uh, like me, too? Why no, course not.