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Texas 41, Oklahoma State 14

Fun tonight dividing time between watching Texas whip OK State and passing out candy to the little goblins. Got a few high school kids this year, but mainly little ones accompanied by their parents. Mr. B. and two of his friends went off in costume with Mrs. C. to canvas the neighbood and, as usual, came back with a disgraceful amount of candy. It will be stale by January, their eyes always bigger than their stomachs. Almost too old for this anymore, they are.

Texas 34, Texas Tech 24

Not the prettiest Texas win I ever saw, but it will have to do. Tech, as always, was a tough customer. The Leach bomber squadron’s new QB Taylor Potts is almost as good as Graham Harrell was last year. Fortunately for Texas, Potts does not have WR Michael Crabtree. Colt looked pretty shaky for most of the game. Turns out he was sick earlier in the week. He certainly showed no sign of a serious Heisman campaign, but we have a long way to go yet. The defense, however, played great. RB Tre’ Newton was fun to watch.

The great escape

Texas 41, Wyoming 10. I had planned to watch a few minutes of the game, until the first couple of Texas touchdowns, maybe, and then go to the library. Never got there. I was amazed at how bad Texas played in the first half against what the daily’s Kirk Bohls says was a team forecast to be dead last in the Mountain West conference this season.

Of course the Cowboys were playing with a lot of heart, going for broke, not caring if they got injured, something the Longhorns players had to think about with the toughest part of their season still ahead. Nevertheless. The Texas O line just fell apart. Colt was being chased all over the field. It was a scary game until the end of the third quarter when Texas was up by three touchdowns. But I never got to the library. I wasn’t willing to assume the best after that first half so I watched it all until the end.

Texas vs Colorado

Should be a pretty easy opener of the Big Twelve season for Texas, as these things go. A tune-up, you might say, tonight, for what likely will be a tough one, next week, against Oklahoma.

ADDENDUM: It was pretty easy, beating Colorado 38 to 14. And next week definitely won’t be.

Game day

I’m on pins and needles awaiting kickoff at 6 p.m. or so between Texas and Texas Christian. I’m just trying not to show it. You can also read this. I will go mow the back forty to try and take my mind off it.

UPDATE: 10-0 TCU at the half. Scary. Both scores on Colt’s two interceptions. The Texas offense looks worse than last week. This looks to be an awful season. Oklahoma will eat us for lunch, just to mention one Big 12 opponent.

MORE:  10-10 at end of third quarter. Texas is coming back! Heck yeah, 17-10 Texas at start of fourth quarter. About time.

Super Nate

Don’t normally get worked up over the Super Bowl. Might next year if Vince takes his Titans there. Also I have friends in Indiana and Illinois, and so hesitate to root for one team or the other. Except for a real good former Longhorn, Nathan Vasher, who plays for the Bears. Vasher was outstanding for Texas, and he’s a good player for the Bears, despite being one of their lowest paid. So I’ll go for the Bears, and hope Nate has a good game. Altho from what I’ve seen of the game so far, in the pouring monsoon in Miami, it would help to have web feet. They even call baseball games on account of rain.

UPDATE  Well, they lost, but Vasher had six tackles, four of them solo. I also forgot Texas ex Cedric Benson, a Bears’ running back. Shouldn’t have forgotten him. He might have helped get the Bears a win if he hadn’t left the game in the first quarter with a twisted ankle. He was the only one likely to break a regrettable stat: no former Longhorn has ever made a touchdown in a Super Bowl.