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The left hand washing the right

The amazing thing about the Clintons is that they tip everybody off when they’re doing something smarmy, as if they really want to be caught. So when Hilarity refused to follow the norm of presidential candidates past and release her’s and Bad Bill’s tax returns, it was apparent that something was afoot.

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Hilarity’s secret weapon

While the suckers hustle down to the elementary schools to vote for Obama-rama and CHANGE, the real action is out where Hilarity and Slick Willie are passing out "campaign contributions" to the Democrat Superdelegates. Buying their votes, get it?. And I thought the Texas Lege had cornered the market on legal political graft. These Democrat Superdelegates will vote for the one who bought ’em at the proper time and that one will get the nomination. ‘Course we’ll have to wait to see which candidate gives out the most bucks. Barry and Michelle must figure they will. "Yes We Can!" But I’d bet on Hilarity, because, I mean, think about it: Every minute those old Clinton retainers from ’92-’00 who want to get their jobs back are out beating the bushes for more bucks.

UPDATE: Strange that there’s no mention of the bought-and-paid-for part here.

McCain vs. Hilarity

I was sorry to see Giuliani lose so badly, but I can take McCain, even if he is a cantankerous half-liberal. I think he’d have an easy time with Hilarity (who also won Florida tonight) as an opponent, but I’m not so sure about Obama. With either one, though, the contrast will be telling: experience versus little/none. The commenters at Fresh Bilge, disliking McCain, are predicting Repubs and conservative Independents will stay home and let the Dem win. I really can’t see that happening, ever, but especially not if Hilarity is the nominee. Repub and conservative hatred of her and Bubba is too extreme. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Nine months to go. Anything could happen.

UPDATE  McCain Derangement Syndrome (MDS) arrives for the disappointed Repub/Indy. Which some consider, rather, to be McCain Estrangement Syndrome (MES). Politics ain’t perfect, folks.

Obama vs. McCain

They are the winners, that is, of their respective party primaries in South Carolina. Obama’s crushing of Hilarity today was based on the SC Dem Party’s being fifty percent black, but he also he got a quarter of the white vote. I agree with David Freddoso at National Review: I don’t see how any liberal could want the Clintons back in power. They aren’t liberals, for one thing. They’re mainly in it for themselves, as he has readily proved this month. Neither candidate offers the Democrats much of a chance in the fall–the MSM’s relentless cheerleading to the contrary notwithstanding–but it seems to me that the (so far) scandal-free Obama would have the best chance of the two. Or three, if you acknowledge the obvious, that the Clintons are in it together.