President Pantywaist II

You have to wonder why Barry is so intent on sucking up to Mad Mahmoud that he won’t do the heretofore obvious "The American people are with you guys" for the Iran protestors (see the cartoon at the bottom at the link). I mean, it’s not like he has to pledge any money or anything. Speaking of money, whose payroll is President Pantywaist on, here? Even the most murderous Chicago wiseguys don’t have time for the Mad Mullahs.

UPDATE:  Well, he finally said something, though cBS decided not to use it. Whose side are they on? And, then, on Saturday, with the regime’s security forces shooting down people in the streets, he said more. Good words, these, just rather late. And too bad they only came in a press release. He didn’t care enough to make a speech. What a wuss.

0 responses to “President Pantywaist II

  1. Anything for a meaningful dialog. Isn’t it what Jimmuh preaches? In other words, exchanging spit with tyrants could be good for one’s health. Just look at Jimmuh – so frisky, running all over the world to kiss up to the best of them…

  2. Dick Stanley

    The worst of them, actually. Barry better watch out. Big Media won’t fault him, but the rest of us will.