The Hildabeast: author of the Benghazi coverup

President Pinocchio just went along for the ride, since it suited his purposes, too. Indeed, so far the evidence shows that it was Hillary’s coverup from beginning to end. Remember her incredible remark to inquisitive Republican senators:  “What difference does it make?”

If she was a Republican, it would make all the difference. She’d be finished in politics. The Democrat media would see to that, like they did with Nixon, and nobody died in his coverup of a third-rate burglary. Much less an ambassador.

But, of course, the Hildabeast is covered six ways from Sunday by the alphabet media, all of the major newspapers, and her faithless husband Slick Willie and his cronies. They badly want a second shot at the big bucks that come with the presidency in our increasingly dictatorial and corrupt federal government.

And, as Instapundit reminds us, the filmmaker Hillary and Barry chose to be their fall guy, the author of that Islamic video no one ever saw, is still in jail.

UPDATE: She even lied at the ambassador’s funeral service. How craven can you get?

0 responses to “The Hildabeast: author of the Benghazi coverup

  1. Unlike her husband, she at least hasn’t committed perjury, since ADM Mullen was nice enough to avoid asking her those hard questions about Benghazi in the ARB.

    You know, Benghazi — that’s the incident that Hillary testified before Congress about, where she told them she was so involved. No reason to question her about it, though.

  2. Dick Stanley

    She apparently chose Mullen and Pickering to head the ARB, so naturally they wouldn’t bite the feeding hand. So much for modern military honor. It seems to calcify the higher you proceed in rank. Which could be the reason we haven’t won a war since the Japanese surrendered.

  3. GEN Dempsey is turning out to be no better.