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The equal justice farce

“Too bad we could not pro[se]cute the DoJ, the FBI and much of the legal system in this country for commit[t]ing a fraud called ‘equal justice under the law.’ If there is anything that this [the Cohen raid] should of made readily apparent is that there is a multiple tied legal system that is growing more corrupt by the day.”

—commented Dennis Turner at Power Line Blog

If Charlottesville were reversed…

Another in our continuing series of quoting good commenters, this time at the Power Line Blog:

“If you reverse the political parties and the ideologies of all the players involved in the Charlottesville incident,” comments Steve Katz, “the mayor, the governor, the protesters, the counter protesters, the assailant, the victim, and the POTUS. the media would put 100 percent of the blame on the “Right Wing mayor” and the “Right Wing governor,” for ordering the cops not to intervene, and purposely allowing a riot to ensue.

“And the only comment they would seek from the Democrat POTUS, was an affirmation that the Right Wing mayor and the Right Wing governor were to blame for the whole thing.

“It’s unfortunate that so many seemingly intelligent people can’t figure out how this game is played. Did they learn absolutely nothing from comparing the media coverage of the shooting of Gabby Giffords to the media coverage of the shooting of Steve Scalise? Apparently not.”

Via Power Line Blog

London: Fake News In The Making

“This is a good example of fake news of an unusually important kind. One of the great issues of our time is whether ‘normal’ Muslims are willing to take decisive action against Islamic terrorism. The evidence so far is not encouraging; if it were, CNN and the AP wouldn’t need to stage photo-ops.”

Via Power Line

UPDATE:  Incredibly, Certainly Not News’ allies in the biz (including Fox) ignored the video showing them handing out the protest signs and did standard denial stories like the video never existed. So did Snopes, which has become utterly untrustworthy.

Trump: Genius or Savant?

A genius. An absolute genius at tying the liberals up in knots, along with their fellow-travelers McCain and Graham.

“Trump was unafraid to do what five presidents were afraid to do with regard to J. Edgar Hoover shows an additional aspect of his character that, while problematic, probably plays well with a lot of the public…But finally, it ought to be noted for the historical record that Comey might well be considered the last casualty of the recklessness of the Clintons.

“Aside from the specific controversy of Hillary’s home-brew server, it was Bill Clinton’s dodgy meeting on the airport tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch last summer than compelled Comey to come forward with his extraordinary [July, 2016] press conference letting Hillary off the hook while explaining clearly that she is in fact a criminal.”

And that, alone, was a reason to fire him. But Obama wouldn’t do it.

Via Power Line Blog

Franken and Colbert: Two Bozos

Power Line’s Scott Johnson: “Combining stupidity with flattery, Colbert’s statement both sucks and sucks up, big league. Senator Franken, can you top it?”

Possibly. They are a pair of bookend bozos, as Power Line commenter Bill Margerum says: “Colbert is no comedian (or entertainer or astute political observer for that matter) and Franken is the village idiot who is denomstrating (sic) with each comment and question that he has no idea what he is talking about.”

Via Power Line.

The Hildabeast: author of the Benghazi coverup

President Pinocchio just went along for the ride, since it suited his purposes, too. Indeed, so far the evidence shows that it was Hillary’s coverup from beginning to end. Remember her incredible remark to inquisitive Republican senators:  “What difference does it make?”

If she was a Republican, it would make all the difference. She’d be finished in politics. The Democrat media would see to that, like they did with Nixon, and nobody died in his coverup of a third-rate burglary. Much less an ambassador.

But, of course, the Hildabeast is covered six ways from Sunday by the alphabet media, all of the major newspapers, and her faithless husband Slick Willie and his cronies. They badly want a second shot at the big bucks that come with the presidency in our increasingly dictatorial and corrupt federal government.

And, as Instapundit reminds us, the filmmaker Hillary and Barry chose to be their fall guy, the author of that Islamic video no one ever saw, is still in jail.

UPDATE: She even lied at the ambassador’s funeral service. How craven can you get?