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The Motor City Maidens


This is as racy as we get around here, only because we’re trying to run a family blog, considering we have such diverse topics as Cub Scouts and Youth Basketball. But Instapundit says it never hurts the visitor total to throw a little sex into the mix. This lovely maiden (though I’d bet that “maiden” is a euphemism), also called a booth babe and unfortunately unidentified, is from this collection at the Autoblog.

Via (who else?) Instapundit.

Need a site tech? Try Scott Chaffin

I first heard of Scott when Alan Sullivan would occasionally mention his gratitude for Scott’s expert help on this or that tech problem at Alan’s blog Fresh Bilge.  So, when I finally got the nerve to migrate TTS from obtuse Movable Type to relatively-easy WordPress, I knew who to call.

Email, actually, via Scott’s blog The Fat Guy. He made it as painless as possible at a reasonable fee and was finished in about 48 hours. He also does “multiple business sites, as well as plenty of personal ones… domain registration and management, web hosting on my server, and web hosting at the super-high-power Rackspace server, for additional fees.” So, if you need site tech help, try Scott. He’s even good at explaining what you need to know when he’s no longer around.

Miles Austin’s girlfriend

It’s funny. This is one of those Roberta Vasquez moments. I hardly know who Miles Austin is. Okay, he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. But his girlfriend? Beats me.  Yet, today alone, “Miles Austin girlfriend” has brought me 45 visitors.

I’m sure they leave disappointed. There is no picture of his girlfriend here. There is a picture of former Longhorns football star Aaron Ross’s girlfriend, track star Sanya Richards. So when folks Google for a picture of Austin’s elusive squeeze, right there in the No. 5 slot is my picture of Sanya. Heh.

Well here we are

Here we are at last, rare readers. Actually that was short, thanks to Scott Chaffin, computer tech extraordinaire. Nice looking place we have here, eh? I believe I will mess about a bit.

Like Mr. B., a very attentive child as a two-year-old when it came to adult conversation, who one day marched into the back yard and announced: “You [because we always addressed him as “you” he therefore had no concept of a personal pronoun] got to screw something up!”

Me, too. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all. Especially, Scott.

Moving on up, to WordPress

Well, after fighting all day to get back into the blog’s working system, I have decided to make the big switch. Lord knows what it will do to the layout, not to mention the content. I expect it will be a bear. We shall see.

The problem is that Yahoo, the host, and Movable Type, the blog software, parted ways earlier this month, which meant that Yahoo would no longer support MT. I ignored it, figuring I could go my merry way with MT. Then I axed TypePad as the comment vetter and, suddenly, I couldn’t get back into MT to work my magic. Come to find out that TP owns MT. Good grief, how did I miss that? TP said they couldn’t help. MT tried to pass the buck to Yahoo. I kept pressing MT. It took six hours but they finally found a solution. I’ll be making the switch as soon as I can. More on that when it’s ready to go down.


I have eliminated the TypePad commenting system and gone back to free comments without vetting or other hassles. TypePad was already rejecting some friends of the house. Then it started rejecting me by requiring different passwords on different days. I finally got fed up with it.

I only started using it to eliminate all the comment spam I was receiving. We’ll see if the spam becomes a problem again. I expect some will come back. Hope not too much. If I have to go back to vetting, however, it sure won’t be with TypePad. It is a worthless piece of junk.

Why I No Longer Tweet

I haven’t taken the logo off the sidebar, but I’ll get around to it. Sooner than I will waste time writing another 140-character Tweet. What a nothing. This sums it up as well as anything can:

"As a blogging, Facebooking, texting American who values the explosion of democratic user-generated Internet content and its contribution to intellectual debate, political activism, government transparency, entertainment, access to data and community, I can safely say I still see no reason to tweet."

No kiddin’. Twitter is, indeed, useless.