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Adios, Rangers

They lost the World Series, 4-1. At least they got to play in it and won one game. Wasn’t so long ago no one in Texas would have believed they’d ever get that far.

As for the loss, well, as Wash says, “That’s the way baseball go.” And there’s always next year. Thanks guys for the good show and congratulations on the pennant.

Rangers win one; Longhorns slip on doormat

Nice to see Colby Lewis hold the Giants to two runs while the Rangers got two homers, one of them for three runs and took Game No. 3 by 4-2. Now if they just don’t start Hunter tomorrow night. Cliff Lee would be much better.

Meanwhile, at roughly the same time, the Longhorns fell to Baylor in one of their usual (lately) clown shows of dropped or overthrown passes and spectacular fumbles. The Bears clearly outclassed ’em and deserved to shed their “Doormat of The Big 12” rep and win it. And they did, 30-22. Yay Bears!


Another historic game by the Rangers. Historically bad. Lost Game two 9-0 after loading the bases twice and walking (walking!) in two runs. It looked like a carousel out there. Bet that one makes Ripley’s.

I’m about convinced God only let the Rangers beat the New York Yankees so they could humiliate themselves in a World Series.

UPDATE:  Diehard Rangers’ fans like TFG haven’t given up hope. They’ve been living on hope forever, having not much else to get excited about. The Rangers? They’re hoping to escape California alive.

Mr. Calm choked, the Rangers lost No. 1

Rangers starting pitcher Cliff Lee, touted all week as Mr. Unflappable, gave up hits and runs, the alleged superior Rangers fielding supplied the errors and, five Ranger relief pitchers later, the Giants won the first game 11-7.

Sigh. For all the talk of their being loose, I think the Rangers had the jitters in their first World Series game, which is understandable. Better luck in Game 2, when C.J. Wilson will be the starter. Put the claw on ’em, guys! And the antlers!