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Moonwalker: AGW is a fraud

Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmidt:

“Recent disclosures and admissions of scientific misconduct by the United Nations and advocates of the human-caused global warming hypothesis shows the fraudulent foundation of this much-ballyhooed but non-existent scientific consensus about climate.”

Welcome aboard, sir.

Next: Global Warming causes dandruff

Well, sure, since Danny Glover says it caused the earthquake in Haiti. Doh.

Global warming takes a break

GlobalCoolingVery considerate of it, don’t you think? Funny how it can do that, eh?

Frozen New River


Claude Cooper, our OCS alumni group’s president-for-life, took this shot because he lives nearby. It’s the North Carolina source of the very old New River which flows north to become one of West Virginia’s major water ways. Too many rapids for it to freeze there, but not here in NC with its recent record freezes. Could be the start of a new mini-Ice Age. In which case, bye-bye AGW.

Science fraud

The anthropogenic global warming guys have been whacked again and again and, now, again. But these scientific fraudsters (in it to keep their research funding and salaries healthy) keep rolling on. Barry may be sliding on Cap & Trade, but the EPA still is penalizing emitters of carbon dioxide and trying to put the coal industry out of business. So even if Copenhagen now deserves to be stopped in its tracks, the "climate-change" circus likely will keep traveling on for a while longer.

Via the Seablogger and Power Line.

Specious argument

I have often, foolishly, commented that the climate modeling of anthropogenic global warming can’t be accurate since weather forecasting is so fallible. It’s a poor argument, as Andrew Dessler at Texas A&M shows:

"Predicting the weather is like predicting what the next roll [of the dice] will be. Predicting the climate is like predicting what the average and standard deviation of 1000 rolls will be. The ability to predict the statistics of the next 1000 rolls does not hinge on the ability to predict the next roll. Thus, one should not dismiss climate forecasts simply because weather forecasts are only good for a few days."

On the other hand, it’s a good argument to say that the climate models are too weak to be trusted, because the physics of the atmosphere isn’t fully understood. In other words: garbage in, garbage out.

A hit on the CO2 Cult

Just in time for B. Hussein Obama’s planned carbon taxes, even some elite scientists are denouncing the anthropogenic global warming fraud. Will Barry listen? Probably not. He’s a pol, not a scientist. Pols ride on bandwagons and this one left the station a long time ago.

Via Power Line.