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Realism at the daily

So the Austin daily finally figured it out and put an advertisement on the front page of the paper version. Good for them, I say. That’s realism of the realistic kind, even if it is below the fold. Moving it up would be better, make it worth more if it could be seen in the rack.

Course the usual crew of journalism purists–most of them, ahem, former employees–are bellyaching about it. Oh the shame, the horror. Their "calling" has been sullied. As if. Makes me laugh.

UPDATE: Dramatic graphic telling of the history of major newspaper circulation since 1990.

Good sports analysis

The daily’s good sportswriters, Kirk Bohls, Cedric Golden, Suzanne Halliburton and Alan Trubow are the icing on the cake after a satisfying Texas win. Even when the Longhorns lose, KB, CG, SH, and AT are there to explain why. Around the rancho, they complement the good game announcing/commentary of KVET-FM ("The Genuine Austin Original") and their Longhorn Radio Network. Thanks, guys, we wouldn’t enjoy it half as much without you.

Daily joins others on the block

The Austin American-Statesman is for sale, not a surprising development given the state of the Internet-oppressed newspaper advertising industry. It joins the San Diego Union-Tribune which went on sale yesterday. Maybe they should try advertising on Craigslist to see who wants to buy.

UPDATE:  Wouldn’t the locals be intrigued, upset, horrified, whatever, if the United Arab Emirites decided to buy? Might be more diversity than the good liberal town is prepared to accept, eh?

I think they’re going to lose, Dad

Second grade boys are like first grade boys and kindergarteners. They go with the winners. They don’t waste effort being loyal when a team is losing. Thus Mr. B. decided at the end of the third quarter of the Texas-Oklahoma State game that he’d had enough. Texas was losing 35 to 14 and he had better things to do, like play his Harry Potter computer game. I was still hoping for the comeback, but admitted I was getting less confident by the minute. You’ll miss the end of the game, I said. Dad, he said, I think they’re going to lose. When they won he made me describe how they did it, and I tried, but better descriptions are here and here.

Top Ten Newspaper Web Sites

The daily made the cut, coming in at No. 8, even getting praise for letting anyone blog on its site. Despite still using what Instapundit calls "a lame and buggy registration scheme." Who knows, maybe they’ll drop it, like I’s Knoxville News Sentinal (also on the list at No. 6) did.

Ken Burns’ little oversight

Looks like the PBS documentarian will re-edit his WW2 opus, according to Diane Holloway in the daily, to weave in the Latino perspective (including 15 medals of honor) that he had ignored, but he needed a little arm-twisting:

"Burns is not accustomed to criticism, and his response until last week to the Latino community’s concerns was jarring. After initially ignoring the complaints, he and PBS executives met with several members of Hispanic groups, including Galán and Rivas-Rodriguez, in Washington, D.C., in April."

Apparently he will use stuff by Austin documentarian Hector Galan. Good, and good piece worth a read.

Garden blogs blossoming

Pam Penick, mother of one of Mr. Boy’s pre-school chums, contends Austin may be the capital of garden blogs. Sure are a lot of them around, mainly about native plants, but including this one on my great great grandmother’s favorite antique rose. Lost mine to the deer, but plan to plant another.