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THE political university

In stock market terms, what Randa Ryan did when she spent $28,000 of university money on items from her own store was a form of insider dealing. It’s illegal. The feds have sent people to prison for it.

At the University of Texas, however, athletic director Steve Patterson calls it “mistakes were made” and says she was acting with the “best of intent.”

Texas just doesn’t get it,” writes the daily’s Kirk Bohls. “Where’s the accountability? I’m betting Charlie Strong would suspend Randa indefinitely.”

He might, if Randa were a student football player, but otherwise political correctness may be stronger than Strong at THE university.

Good sports analysis

The daily’s good sportswriters, Kirk Bohls, Cedric Golden, Suzanne Halliburton and Alan Trubow are the icing on the cake after a satisfying Texas win. Even when the Longhorns lose, KB, CG, SH, and AT are there to explain why. Around the rancho, they complement the good game announcing/commentary of KVET-FM ("The Genuine Austin Original") and their Longhorn Radio Network. Thanks, guys, we wouldn’t enjoy it half as much without you.

Vince, Vince

There’s always next year (i.e. this year) for Diet Pepsi’s NFL Rookie of the Year. VY also won the AP’s Offensive Rookie of the Year last month. He’s already got more running yards (552) than the two QBs in Sunday’s Super Bowl combined (Manning, 36; Grossman, 2). If he stays healthy and the Titans grow, he could be there this time next year, says the daily’s Kirk Bohls. Oh, yeah.