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Texas No. 4

For once I can’t argue with the BCS computers, which only dropped Texas to No. 4. I could wish that Tech had risen to No. 1 instead of merely No. 2. Making Alabama No. 1 seems a little silly, considering their win Saturday was over an unranked team. But they’ve got LSU up next, so who knows how long they’ll stay up there. Tech has OK State to contend with. Texas has Baylor, the doormat of the Big 12. Most years.

Squeaker at Baylor

I can’t remember the last time I paid attention to a Longhorns game at Baylor. I stayed tuned to the one yesterday because it wasn’t clear Texas was going to beat the hapless Bears until near the end. Yipes. If the Aggies can whup Nebraska, the Longhorns ought to be able to this week. But, the way this season’s been going, you never know.

Texas vs Baylor

Or, in other words, already looking ahead from today’s 6 p.m. tussle with the Bears in Austin to Nebraska. Horns Fan at Burnt Orange Nation says he will "enjoy watching us slam the Bears on the field." And to Missouri, which begins to look like the Longhorns opponent for the Big 12 title, if the Horns win out their season. Right now, even with close games with Nebraska and Oklahoma State, that looks likely from here.

UPDATE  Then the Ags beat Mizzou 25 to 19 and upset this analysis.